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Thom Browne Wants You to Keep the Tie on This Summer

* Nothing but summer beach vibes
* No surfboards were harmed in the making of this tie
* Made from 100% silk in the USA

If you haven’t been putting much thought into ties lately, we don’t blame you. Who wants to wear a tie this time of year anyway? Well, Thom Browne certainly wants you to, and he’s definitely been thinking about fun ties for summer, like this pastel colored surfboard and shark tie. It really doesn’t get much more summer than this one.

Set against a black backdrop, a handful of jacquard woven sharks in shades of pastel green and pink adorn this skinny tie. Oh, and there are a few surfboards with noticeable chunks missing. The sharks might have had something to do with that. We’re not sure, though. The mix of the two isn’t overdone and the tonal stitching throughout is also a nice touch. Less is more and in this case, we’re all for it.

Made in the United States from 100 percent silk, Browne’s retro vibes tie measures roughly 56 inches in length and is just two inches at its widest. Which makes it the perfect summer time accessory for those times when you need to a) wear a suit or b) just need something to liven up your outfit. And yes, it’s totally fine to wear this tie anytime of year too.

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