The Best Slim-Fit T-Shirts Should Form the Core of Any Casual Closet

Group of BYLT slim fit tees
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Slim-fit t-shirts are arguably the core essential piece of clothing. Not only do slim-fit t-shirts look great underneath the coolest flannel in your closet and atop your most comfortable pair of jeans, but they can stand alone in any outfit for a flattering, casual look. With their versatility and utility in a million different outfits, multiple slim-fit t-shirts make for some of the best men’s t-shirts on the planet. So, if you don’t have a couple in your wardrobe, you’re really missing out.

But there are a lot of slim-fit t-shirts to choose from out there. We’ve worn so many of them over the years and have landed on a few favorites that we’re certain you’ll love too.

Whether you’re wearing a slim-fit t-shirt by itself or as the underneath layer to your favorite cold-weather fit, check out some of the best slim-fit t-shirts below. The easiest thing you can do to improve your wardrobe is to buy one. You won’t regret it.


1. Cuts Clothing Crew Curve-Hem T-shirt


When it comes to fitted T-shirts, Cuts Clothing has the edge. Maybe it’s because the company was founded with the goal to emphasize the importance of the cut, but whatever the reason, Cuts Clothing makes the best slim-fit T-shirts. The Cuts Clothing Crew Curve-Hem T-shirt is particularly excellent.

Made from the brand’s PYCA Pro fabric, a blend of polyester, cotton and spandex, this shirt has the stretchy cling and the trim cut for the absolute perfect fit. It’s a permanent staple in the closet of SPY Site Director Tim Werth and we bet if you got one, it’d become permanent for you too. Pick it up in any one of six staple colors and some seasonal colors for variety (or just to make sure you always have a fitted T-shirt to match your outfit).

Cuts Clothing PYCA Pro Crew Curve Hem Slim Fit T-Shirt in granite; best slim fit T-shirts Courtesy of Cuts Clothing


2. Mack Weldon Silver Crew Neck T-Shirt


Mack Weldon is one of our favorites for quality basics and the Mack Weldon Silver Crew Neck T-Shirt is one of the best slim-fit T-shirts out there for a few simple reasons. It’s made from a tri-blend fabric of top-quality Supima cotton, polyester and lycra fabric with silver embedded in the fibers. That makes this shirt supremely soft, comfortable, stretchy and antimicrobial. Add in a flattering slim fit perfect for any situation and you can see why we’re so hot on this Mack Weldon T-shirt.

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Mack Weldon Silver Crew Neck T-Shirt in navy; best slim fit T-shirts Courtesy of Mack Weldon


3. Hanes Slim V-Neck T-Shirts (4-Pack)


What guy doesn’t have some Hanes undershirts in their dresser right now? This pack of Hanes undershirts costs just $21 and comes with four tagless undershirts. The shirts are made with ComfortBlend fabric, which is half cotton and half polyester, for a soft, stretchy and moisture-wicking undershirt.

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best slim-fit t-shirts, hanes v-neck undershirts in white Courtesy of Target


4. Fresh Clean Tees Anchored 5-Pack


If you’ve been keeping up with us at SPY as of recently, you’ll know damn well just how much we can’t stop raving about Fresh Clean Tees. These handsome slim-fit tees make for some of the coziest men’s t-shirts on the market. They come in all shapes and sizes between small and 3XL to fit any adult man comfortably and visually pleasing. This 5-pack features a number of favorites that will step up your game no matter the season. Choose a crew or v-neck version depending on your liking.

Fresh Clean Tees Anchored 5-Pack Courtesy of Fresh Clean Tees


5. H2H Men’s Casual Slim Fit T-Shirt


We’ve given you some nicer slim-fit T-shirts, but you don’t need to spend a few Jacksons for a great fit. The H2H Men’s Casual Slim Fit T-Shirt comes in a ton of different colors in either 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blends. It also has a tight fit bound to show off all the nice parts of your upper body. If you want to look good on the cheap, these are great slim-fit T-shirts with a classic ribbed crew neck and no neck tags either.

Man wears H&M Men's Casual Slim Fit T-Shirts Courtesy of Amazon


6. Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee


Bonobos’ Everyday Tee uses some of the most soft-to-the-touch cottons you’ll ever drape over your chest. This best-seller maximizes breathability to keep you comfortable and sweat-free day in and day out. It fits on your body in a slim-fit fashion that doesn’t feel too big or too tiny. There are a number of good-looking colors to choose from with some even on sale for $9 less than the original asking price.

Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee Courtesy of Bonobos


7. H&M Slim Fit T-Shirts 5-Pack


H&M is the king of cheap, flattering essentials, so it’s only natural we like the H&M Slim Fit T-Shirts 5-Pack. For the price of one of these other fancier slim-fit T-shirts, you get three great-looking, tight shirts. Made from cotton, viscose and elastane, these T-shirts are comfortable and the little bit of stretch ensures they always look flattering. We like this colorful variety pack, but the other groupings are totally solid too.

H&M Slim Fit T-Shirts 5-Pack Courtesy of H&M


8. Vuori Strato Slim Fit Crewneck Tech T-Shirt


Most T-shirts combine some amount of cotton, polyester and, these days, a stretchy material like spandex. Of course, the combinations offer different benefits to the wearer. The Vuori Strato Slim Fit Crewneck Tech T-Shirt goes for a primarily polyester fabric with just a little bit of spandex. The end result is a T-shirt that wicks moisture way better than cotton-blend alternatives. Factor in the stretch from the spandex and an athletic, slimmer cut to eliminate extra fabric and you’ve got one great slim fit T-shirt perfect for casual chilling or even going for a bit of exercise.

Vuori Strato Slim Fit Crewneck Tech T-Shirt Courtesy of Nordstrom


9. Jockey Slim-Fit T-Shirt


Most of us have probably heard of Jockey underwear at this point, but did you know that the well-loved brand also makes affordable slim-fit t-shirts that maximize both style and comfort? Because they do. This slim-fit tee from Jockey uses 95% cotton and 5% for added movement. This is the perfect shirt for wearing underneath a flannel or sweatshirt when it gets chillier outside.

Jockey Slim-Fit T-Shirt Courtesy of Amazon


10. Everlane Organic Cotton Crew


Being respectful of the environment can come cheap too. The Everlane Organic Cotton Crew is 100% organic, meaning every step in the process has been verified to let less bad stuff, like chemicals and pesticides, into the environment, not to mention, it’s safer for workers too. But shirt material provenance aside, the Everlane T-shirt features a not-too-tight slim fit and promises to only get softer and more comfortable over time.

Everlane Organic Cotton Crew Courtesy of Everlane


11. Untuckit Ultrasoft V-Neck Tee


Designed to be worn alone and untucked, the Untuckit Ultrasoft V-Neck Tee is one of the better V-neck slim fit T-shirts money can buy. A flattering fit and slimming lines mean this shirt will actually look good alone without approaching Spanx levels of tightness. It’s also brushed and pre-washed for softness and won’t shrink, even after multiple wash and dry cycles. V-necks don’t always work for everyone, but the Untuckit V-neck just might.

Man wears Untuckit Ultrasoft V-Neck Tee Courtesy of Untuckit


12. BYLT Basic Crew Split Hem T-Shirt


BYLT is a relatively new player, but we’ll be damned if the brand doesn’t make some of the best slim-fit T-shirts around. Take the BYLT Basic Crew Split Hem T-Shirt. The unique side split and hems make sure the shirt always falls perfectly around your waist, the BYLT Blend fabric, a blend of cotton, polyester and spandex, keeps things comfortable and a fitted, slim athletic cut ties everything together. The end result is a T-shirt with a slim fit straight out of your dreams.

Pick one up in one of five different standard colors.

BYLT Basic Crew Split Hem Slim Fit T-Shirt in black; best slim fit T-shirts Courtesy of BYLT


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