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Hate The Bulge a Keychain Leaves In Your Pants? Here’s Why People Are Switching To This Super Slim Key Cover

* Slim, high-quality leather
* Keeps keys secure and put together
* Includes loop for car key fob

If you’ve got the awkward keychain bulge blues and if pokey carabiners are cramping your style, or if you’re ready to walk across your office without jingling like a pirate, this gadget offers an elegant, key-slimming solution. Because if you’re going to have a bulge in your jeans, it should at least be in the right place. This slim leather key cover from Bellroy is made using environmentally certified leather and available in a variety of colors. It fits 2 to 4 standard house keys, plus it also includes a loop for a car key or wireless fob.

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A space-saving hack for everyday carry, the Bellroy key holder keeps your keys secure and helps you avoid unsightly, lopsided pants bulge. After all, you don’t work out those glutes just so you can show up looking like you have a trapezoidal butt. If you’re a carabiner type, you can use this loop to hold the key cover on your climbing gear. You know, if case you find yourself needing to rappel into the office one day. As a bonus, it helps you look and sound more stylish, while spending less time fumbling for keys.

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