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Herschel’s Studio Folio is the EDC Pouch You’ve Been Looking For

* A water-resistant pouch for your everyday carry (EDC)
* Made from tarpaulin with leather trim
* Easily fits a 13-inch laptop and accessories

There was a time when all men carried were their wallets, their keys and maybe a watch. And depending on the season, you might have even carried your sunglasses. Then cell phones emerged and evolved into smartphones, which over the last ten years have grown comically larger by the year. So it would seem to make sense that men today need something to collect their everyday carry (EDC) in that isn’t a backpack, a briefcase or fanny pack.

A pouch or organizer would seem to make the most sense. It’d be versatile enough to carry on its own or in a bag to keep things separate. But who even makes such a thing? Perhaps something like the Studio Folio Pouch XL from Herschel Supply Co. would suffice.

Made with water-resistant tarpaulin, the Studio Folio XL (in black) will keep your goods dry thanks in part to the lightweight and durable tarpaulin material (essentially like a nylon), but also the waterproof zippers. A zippered interior pouch adds an extra layer of protection just in case. The slim silhouette of the Studio Folio XL measures in at 10.5” x 14.5” 0.875” making it ideal for tablets or even a small laptop.

Whether you carry a lot with you on a daily basis or you’re in search of something to carry your essentials for the weekend, the Studio Folio XL is an all-purpose carry all that meets just about anyone’s needs. Just don’t call it a murse.

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