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This Smart Ring is a Smart Buy

* Emerald-cut rainbow moonstone set in plated 18K gold
* Battery life up to two full days
* Water resistant design

We live in a connected world — that much is true and unavoidable. We’re also seemingly surrounded by an array of connected gadgets, like thermostats, TVs and even refrigerators. However, not every connected device is as thoughtful or seamlessly integrated into one’s life the way Ringly’s smart ring is. It might even be the smartest bit of smart jewelry we’ve come across. Ever.

At first glance, Ringly’s Daydream Rainbow Moonstone ring seems like any other jewel-adorned band you might already own – and that’s the beauty of the whole thing. No one will know you’re wearing a connected ring that keeps track of calories burned, like a fitness tracker. Nor will anyone know when you’re being notified of important phone calls, emails or text messages. You can even sync your Ringly Daydream to your most used productivity apps to ensure you’re staying on track with your daily goals or tasks.

Available in a size 7 or 8, Daydream syncs to your iPhone or Android smartphone over Bluetooth and notifications can be customized through the Ringly app. A combination of five different colors and four different vibration settings can be tweaked based on your preference. The water-resistant design means you can keep your ring on when washing your hand.

Bonus: the jewelry box doubles as the charger. Slip the ring back in the box and it’ll fully charge in less than four hours. Fashionable and functional, this is a ring that’s easy to say “I do” to.

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