Lived-In Review: We’ve Found the Perfect Travel Bag for Sneaker Heads

Lexdray Sneaker Bag
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Attention sneaker heads: you can now travel in style with all of your favorite pairs of shoes in one compact duffel bag.

Can’t decide which shoes to pack? Now you can bring all of your footwear must-haves without fear of being judged by your travel companions. If you’ve been embarrassed in the past by your high-maintenance packing habits, this Portland Sneaker Duffel from Lexdray will solve all of your problems, allowing you travel fuss-free and in style.

Lexdray is known for creating luggage “smarter than your average bag.” While smart indeed, Lexdray’s bags meld fashion and function seamlessly, utilizing minimalist designs that are fashion forward without looking flagrant. Their innovative and ergonomic carry-ons are lightweight yet roomy, allowing you to travel in comfort, without having to limit your wardrobe options.

This roomy duffel bag is specially designed for shoe lovers and sneaker heads alike. While traditional carry-ons and roller luggage often don’t provide adequate storage space to accommodate for more than two pairs of shoes (three, if you’re lucky) this bag will comfortably fit 6-10 pairs of shoes, in addition to your clothing, toiletries and other belongings.

The main, center compartment is surprisingly roomy, considering its compact appearance and carry-on size. Thanks to its military-grade hardware and durable material, the center compartment expands easily to accommodate larger sized shoes (up to size 14). We were able to fit four pairs of size 11 shoes in the center compartment easily in addition to several sweaters, shirts and two pairs of rigid denim on the bottom (packing hint: use a laundry bag in between your clothes and shoes, to keep them neatly separated). The interior gives the bag added character, with a custom-designed printed lining that peeks out just so slightly when opened.

Lexdray Portland Sneak Duffel


The Portland Sneaker Duffel also features two side zipper pockets constructed from heavy-weight canvas fabric that protects your shoes from scuffs and other damage, while still retaining flexibility. Each side will comfortably fit an additional two to three pairs of shoes. Inside each side pocket, there is a zippered mesh storage compartment, which is great for storing other belonging including toiletries, socks, undergarments and other smaller items that you want to keep separate from your sneakers.

Whether you’re checking the bag, using it as an overhead carry-on, or tossing it in the trunk during a weekend road trip, the thoughtful design and supreme durability keep your belongings safe and secure. The adjustable strap allows you to wear the bag on your shoulder or slung across the back with ease.

Not a sneaker fan or shoe aficionado? The Portland Duffel will also cater to a variety of travelling needs with its ultra-roomy interior that seems to magically adjust to suit what you’re packing. This bag would make an ideal gym, camping, or weekender bag. The thick construction means the bag holds its shape, while also cushioning your valuables, like a laptop.

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If you need a bag that holds up to your travel grind, while being specially designed to crate and carry your shoes, this is the one to get. We garnered plenty of compliments while carrying the Portland Sneaker Duffel around and you know what? They’re well-deserved.

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