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A Raincoat For Your Sneakers

* Yes, these are real and people love them
* Made from heavy-duty PVC with a grippy sole
* Some shoes are worth covering up during inclement weather

Ludicrous as it might seem to slip a plastic cover over your shoes, the weather as of late can be somewhat unpredictable. And as goofy as they might appear, it really only takes one encounter with the rain or worse to see the value in having a set or two of these reusable waterproof shoe covers.

You can, of course, use them for any number of activities other than being caught out in the rain or when you simply need to keep your shoes dry and clean. Think home renovations or work out and around the house.

Made from 100% high elastic PVC materials, McKinnies offers a range of sizes to accommodate just about any shoe size for both men and women. In fact, the wide-mouth opening makes it easy to slip your feet into and out of and the added zipper and pull ties at the top keep everything secure, tight and away from the elements. Plus, the outsole of the shoe cover provides ample grip, so you’re not left slipping and sliding.

Whether you’re overzealous with your footwear or just want something to keep your feet dry for when the skies unexpectedly open up, having a pair of reusable and waterproof shoe covers in the car or at home seem like a no-brainer.

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