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Overhaul Your Style With Up to 40% off Society6’s Apparel, Home Decor, & More Through Presidents’ Day

Do you feel like your style has gotten a bit bland? It’s easy to fall into the trap of boring patterns and colors throughout your home and closet. Thankfully, Society6 is having a Presidents’ Day sale to help turn around your dull material possessions.

Society6 gets its designs from a community of independent artists from around the globe. Each piece has its own unique design and the brand covers a wide range of home decor and apparel. Through Tuesday, February 21, everything sitewide is discounted. Art prints, posters, bed & bath products, and iPhone cases are discounted at 40% off. You’ll also find furniture going for 15% off and everything else for 30% off. Why not peruse and see what jumps out at you?

$255 $365 30% off

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Rugs ground your living room quite literally. Putting together a welcoming space requires working from the ground up and this stylish midcentury black and linen rug will certainly grab some eyes. The 6′ by 9′ rug is currently 30% off.

$107.40 $179 40% off

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Break away from boring solid colors and patterns with straight lines. This lightweight comforter has a funky, pattern of orange and green waves that pop. You can choose between a natural cotton fiber or a synthetic microfiber. The full-size comforter is 40% off.

$33 $55 40% off

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Shower curtains don’t have to be boring. Society6 has a variety of shower curtains with interesting designs like this frog one. They’re made to repel moisture and they’re machine washable. You just have to be okay with a judgmental frog watching you make poo poo. They’ve got subtler options too that are still cool if that’s more your vibe.

Save Up to 40% on Society6's Apparel & Home Decor This Presidents' Day

$31.50 $45 30% off

Society6 has a wide variety of graphic tees to help make your style stand out. With designs ranging from minimalistic patterns to highly detailed pieces, you can find a shirt that makes you go, “Dang, I kinda want that shirt.” All graphic tees are 100% polyester which helps maintain their rich colors through the wash. And don’t worry. They’re not more expensive just because the patterns are so wild.