4 Sock Rules Every Guy Needs to Follow

Sock Rules
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* Don’t be the fool wearing the wrong socks with your suit
* Every guy should follow these rules when it comes to sock choice
* Each occasion calls for a particular sock

Socks are a vastly understated piece of every man’s wardrobe. Attention to detail is what really turns heads, and whether it be at your cousin’s wedding or on the basketball court, killer socks will catch some eyes. The first step, outside of having no holes and a matching pair, is knowing the appropriate sock for the occasion. Figure that out and then worry about the colors or patterns. Take a look at our rules and make sure you’re not the fool wearing the wrong socks.

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1. Socks with a Suit

Do not wear white socks with your black suit. This is style suicide. You might never live it down if you do. Wear tall black socks with your black suit. Any other color of suit you should either stick to the black socks or try a pair that matches the suit color fairly closely. Don’t venture too far from tall black socks for dressy occasions until you really get a feel for your own style.

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2. Socks at the Gym

Do not go barefoot or try to wear sandals. No one wants to smell your sweaty feet in either scenario. Color and style of socks at the gym are up to personal preference for the most part, but you’d be considered a mad man if you went to play a game of basketball with no-show socks on. Any type of shoe would rub your ankle raw from all the friction. It’s safe to say that the height of the sock is really all that matters at the gym. Make sure you have tall enough socks so that your protected from your shoe. Here are my favorite socks for hitting the gym.

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3. Socks with Shorts

Do not wear tall socks with shorts. You should not be trying to wear tall socks with any kind of jean shorts or khaki shorts or cargo shorts. Athletic shorts are fine. This rule may not be as widely agreed upon, but I think you should wear no show socks with any kind of shorts besides athletic shorts. My reasoning is that after you consistently wear ankle socks or tall socks outside with shorts, you get some pretty goofy looking tan lines. Never worry about them again when you wear no show socks and tan your whole ankle. Try these out this summer.

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4. Socks at the Beach

Do not wear socks at the beach. There is no point in wearing shoes so why even bring the socks? And please don’t tell me you’re a socks and sandals guy. Knock that off and just wear your sandals. Let them toes breath at the beach and soak up that sun.

Sock Rules Image Courtesy Shutterstock