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SPAM Has Released Limited-Edition Merch for All Canned Meat Lovers

Hungry? How about some SPAM?

No, we’re not talking about mail. For those of you living under a rock, SPAM is a popular canned meat brand that offers up pre-cooked pork in a bologna-esque, blocky format. It’s not for everyone, but SPAM lovers really… well… love SPAM. It’s become a staple in a number of Asian dishes since its creation back in 1937 and has a cult following of SPAM fans whose mouths drench at the sight of the canned delicacy.

Though we recently covered SPAM’s figgy pudding launch back during the 2022 holiday season, we’re not here to tell you about more SPAM food today. Instead, we’re talking about SPAM merch. SPAM you can wear.

SPAM Brand Concert Crewneck Courtesy of SPAM

Today, January 18, SPAM has teamed up with food and travel creators Ewa & Jeromy of Nom Life by dropping five SPAM-centric goodies you can actually wear leisurely around the house, in the airport or on a coffee date. The collaboration features an ultra-cozy pullover crewneck sweatshirt, one of the best t-shirts you can get your hands on, two fun hats and a tote bag for carrying all of your day-to-day essentials in.

This comfortable drop has visual ties in athleisure and street fashion, making it just as wearable on the prowl as it might be on the couch. You know, because showing your love for SPAM doesn’t need to stay in one place.

SPAM ‘The Dad’ Hat Courtesy of SPAM

Because SPAM and Ewa & Jeromy of Nom Life are essentially godsent, every single dollar made from this limited-time collection will be donated to Convoy of Hope, an organization rooted in faith that focuses on feeding through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreach and disaster response. That’s right, SPAM nor Ewa & Jeromy won’t receive a cent. Everything is going to Convoy of Hope.

Ready to snag some iconic clothing from your favorite canned meat brand and support a cause at the same time? Get buying below and rock SPAM whenever, wherever.