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SPY Guide: 3 New Ways to Wear the Adidas Three Stripe

* Discover how Adidas became “the brand with the three stripes”
*Adidas’ triple stripe captured in contemporary sporty pieces
* Price range: $25-$65

We live in a world brimming with logos and brands. Whether you’re on your way to work, running errands or grabbing a bite to eat with friends, you probably encounter hundreds of logos without much thought. Despite our branding culture, only a handful of companies ever make it to the level where their logo is instantly recognizable–even without text. One of those few is Adidas.

Adidas is a portmanteau formed from its founder’s name – Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler. Dassler wanted people to associate Adidas with athleticism and competitions. He was committed to making Adidas’ unofficial slogan “the brand with the three stripes.” Although the logo has changed over the course of the company’s history, the present logo – a wordmark with three stripes – has been used since 2005.

It goes back to the simplicity of the three stripes and is said to represent quality, leadership and flexibility for the future. However, it is the Trefoil – designed in August 1971 and still used today – that continues to inspire stakeholders and fans alike. It has ultimately moved the Adidas brand into sporting and pop culture history.

Here are three new ways to wear the iconic Adidas stripes for sporty-chic style that’s as comfortable as it is contemporary.

1. Adidas Crossback Sports Bra

No workout is complete without the comfort and low-impact support of the Adidas Crossback Sports Bra. Sleek and fitted, this breathable bra can be worn alone or layered for versatile performance.

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2. Adidas Originals Loose Crop T-Shirt

Contemporary with an old school nod, pair the Adidas Originals Loose Crop T-Shirt with your favorite shorts or jeans for an effortless look anytime of day.

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3. Adidas Originals New York Story T-Shirt Dress

From the gym to brunch, you’ll do it in laid-back style with this edgy yet sophisticated t-shirt dress. Boasting the familiar Adidas Trefoil logo, it’s made from soft fabric with a relaxed fit throughout. It’s so comfortable, you’ll want to wear it everyday.

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Bonus: Adidas Originals Embellished Arts Long Skirt

Sporty yet feminine, you’ll maintain all-day comfort with the Adidas Originals Embellished Arts Long Skirt. While the stripes may be modest, faux wrap construction will have you looking polished–even when you’re feeling casual.

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