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Real Men Wear Red Watches

* Swiss quartz movement with day and date function
*Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
* Includes a webbed NATO-style red nylon strap

When it comes to taking an everyday accessory and elevating it to a fashion-forward and functional piece, look no further than the Jack Spade Men’s Conway Stainless Steel Watch with Red Canvas Strap. Boasting a classic and timeless aesthetic, the stainless steel watch boasts a clean and minimalist design that complements outfits from casual and sporty, to upscale and work appropriate.

Jack Spade was founded in a loft Andy Spade shared with his wife Kate (as in Kate Spade; yup, you might’ve heard of her) in lower Manhattan. It started off with a singular idea that useful, everyday items can also look amazing and be practical without the pretentious aura. So who exactly is Jack Spade? Well, there’s isn’t really a “Jack,” per se. Andy and Kate were inspired by Beat novelist Jack Kerouac and business titan Jack Welch, and decided to build their company around them, while showing how art and commerce could come together in creative harmony.

Timeless, edgy and elegant, the Jack Spade Stainless Steel Watch was designed for men who refuse to choose between style and functionality. The stunning watch features a webbed NATO-style red nylon strap and Swiss quartz movement with analog display. It also features a logo gray dial and a date window design — strategically placed at the 3 o’clock mark.

It also has a one-of-a-kind scratch resistant sapphire crystal and is water resistant to 50 m (165 ft). This means you can take this watch on camping trips, rec league games or overseas travel without worrying about a thing.

The watch comes complete with a gift-ready box that’s a polished present option for a birthday, anniversary or as a well-deserved treat for yourself.

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