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Let Your Spring Style Take Flight With Stella McCartney’s Appliquéd Polo Shirt

* Classic polo styling
* Appliquéd with two playful swallows on the chest
* Comfortable semi-fitted shape

If you ever loved how a woman looked in Stella McCartney, she’ll now be able to return the compliment. The acclaimed designer recently debuted her first menswear collection, and from the likes of what we’ve seen, her signature playfulness certainly hasn’t been lost in translation. Key example? A Stella McCartney polo shirt isn’t just a staid classic in better fabric, it’s testament to just how fun fashion can be. Appliquéd with embroidered swallows, they flank each side of the wearer’s chest, ready to take flight in their blue and red glory.

Stella McCartney Polo Shirt

Without any visual evidence, this could sound like pure fashion victim bait. But a designer as talented and experienced as McCartney knows better. The size, placement and slightly muted colors of the appliqués have more of a vintage ’40s effect than a garish one.

Offered up on a classic and elegant piqué cotton black polo shirt, the comfortable, semi-fitted shape also speaks to the designer’s attunement to fashion and the reality of modern life. Worn with dark trousers or your favorite worn-in khakis, it adds a lighthearted touch to any look.

But upon introducing this item to your wardrobe, beware of any women in your life — McCartney has cultivated a very loyal following, one that may start borrowing from your side of the closet at first sight of this shirt.

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