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Here’s Why We’re Ditching The Mall This Summer For This Online Styling Service

Sometimes a day of shopping is just what the doctor ordered. Other times, the stress of running from store to store and my girlfriend’s opinions (note: that I did not ask for!) are enough to drive me to the shrink. That’s why when it comes to picking up new clothes, shoes and accessories these days, I prefer shopping online. And lately, I’ve been buying most of my clothes through Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that sends you apparel, footwear, bags and accessories, all based on your personal style philosophy. Looking for instantly ‘grammable pieces to take on your next vacay? Easy. Starting a new job and need to upgrade your work wardrobe? Done. Attending a summer wedding and need a dress to score points with the hot bridesmaid? Stitch Fix has your back – literally.

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See Styling Options For Men and Women on Stitch Fix

Rather than pouring over endless racks of clothes at the mall, or scrolling through hundreds of pages of random merchandise online, Stitch Fix does the work for you, by setting you up with a personal stylist who will send you a custom box of amazing new pieces based on the preferences you share in your “style profile.”

You’re not limited to “work clothes” or “athleisure” either. Stitch Fix has a diverse mix of favorite designer brands and indie labels I’ve fallen in love with. And unlike other services, which require you to sign up for a subscription, you can have Stitch Fix send you a box every few weeks, every month, every other month, or just for a specific occasion (I.e. that summer wedding).

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What we like: Stitch Fix matches you with a personal stylist that’s a real human being (I.e. not one of those automated bots that “pop up” to greet you every time you log in) and their online questionnaire is totally easy and fun to fill out.

On your first visit to, you’ll be asked questions about everything from colors and patterns you like, to questions my inner fashion geek nerded out over, like how shirts normally fit you on the shoulder (too baggy!), preferred sleeve length (three-quarters!) and how you like your pants to fit around the ankle and thigh (not too tight!). Don’t worry: there’s no tedious typing required. Just check the boxes that apply to your sartorial preferences, or click tabs that say “Yes,” “Maybe” and “Never.” (The crochet sweaters were a definite “never” for me).

After a couple minutes pairing down your sizing, you’ll click through a visual chart of fully-formed outfits to see what you would actually wear (I chose the leather jacket and jeans look, and one that paired a blazer with skinny jeans and sneakers). You can let your stylist know how adventurous you want to be with your style and she’ll pick out corresponding pieces, whether you’re down for trying new trends, or prefer sticking to familiar classics.

Add your social media links to your profile and the in-house stylist will Insta-stalk you (in a good way!) to see what you like to normally wear. Bonus: you might get a new follower too (not guaranteed by Stitch Fix, obvi).

More than three million people currently get styled by Stitch Fix and the company says their detailed, predictive algorithms successfully match 63% of what their users are looking for. And if you don’t like what your stylist sends you, just toss everything back into the box and send it back. Return shipping is always free.

Look, I totally love my girlfriend and it’s fun to window shop or try on clothes together. But sometimes you need a break from overly-opinionated BFFs, generic department store clothes, and pushy salespeople. Also: change room lighting always makes me look bad.

Stitch Fix has become my not-so-secret go-to for easy, stress-free styling, no matter my mood, occasion or even my fluctuating size (cronuts are my new weakness – don’t judge). The site stocks more than 15,000 items of clothing, from shirts, jeans, tees, dresses and jackets, to sneakers, bags and jewelry. And their sizes run the full gamut, from XS to 3XL. In other words, you’ll find something that fits you, no matter what — or who — you’re looking for.

See Styling Options For Men and Women on Stitch Fix

This post is sponsored by Stitch Fix, whose products we use and love.