The 10 Best ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween Costumes to Turn Your Night Upside Down

Best Stranger Things Halloween Costumes
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*WARNING: If you haven’t finished the latest season of Stranger Things, there may be spoilers ahead.

Whether you were born in the eighties, nineties, aughts or none of the above, it’s hard to deny the cultural phenomenon that is Stranger Things. This widely successful Netflix show has only grown in popularity, and given the positive impact of the most recent season, it looks like the show is set to become one of Netflix’s most popular ever. If you’re already a fan of this Indiana-based sci-fi spectacular, you get why so many people love it. And if you’ve yet to indulge in this funny and caring emotional roller coaster of a television show,  it’s only a matter of time before you’re hooked.

As with any good show, there’s plenty of scope when it comes to Stranger Things Halloween costumes. Whether it’s an October party, trick or treating with your kids or even the release date of a new season, dressing up like your favorite character is all part of being a fan. Thankfully, Stranger Things has an impressively high number of memorable moments and characters, so finding a costume is fairly easy, but choosing which character to be is a tough task.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 costumes from Stranger Things. Ideas include everyone’s favorite characters, like Eleven and Steve, but we’ve also thrown in some fun curve balls, including the creepy alphabet wall. You’ll also find great options for last-minute outfits.

1. Men’s Stranger Things Jim Hopper Halloween Costume


If there’s a more popular character in the series than Chief, we’d like to hear about him or her. Sacrifice, comedy and heroism make Jim Hopper a fan favorite, and in this Men’s Stranger Things Jim Hopper Halloween Costume , you can enjoy that popularity for one night. Forgetting any occurrences in season three (surely it can’t be the end!), slip on this comprehensive outfit and act like there’s nothing to worry about. The set includes the shirt, pants, hat, belt and badges for a complete look that fans of the show are going to love.

a man wearing a stranger things jim hopper halloween costume on a white background Image courtesy of Target


2. Adult Stranger Things Baby Face Costume Mask


If you’ve seen the episode in season two, then this Adult Stranger Things Baby Face Costume Mask will speak to you straight away. Worn during Eleven’s search for her home, the reference may be a little niche for the uninitiated, but Stranger Things fans are sure to love it. You can even band together with friends to complete the whole mask-wearing group. This mask is easily paired with a black shirt and a pair of jeans for a more complete look.

a person wearing a blazer, jeans and a baby face halloween costume on a white background Image courtesy of Target


3. Stranger Things Alphabet Shirt


It may not be an exact “costume” as it’s quite hard to dress as a wall, but the Stranger Things Alphabet Shirt will surely give other fans plenty of chills. By reminding your friends of one of the creepiest scenes in the series, this t-shirt is sure to go down well. And hey, if it doesn’t, just… R… U… N. Pair with a pair of dark jeans or even throw in an extra set of twinkle lights if you can spare them. 

a man wearing jeans and an alphabet tshirt on a white backgroun Image courtesy of Target


4. Stranger Season 3 Cosplay Things Demogorgon Mask


They may look a little bit like the piranha plants from Super Mario, but in comparison the Demogorgon makes those video game villains look like puppies. With this Stranger Season 3 Cosplay Things Demogorgon Mask, you can transform your head into a Demogorgon with its mouth wide open, revealing its muscles and intimidating teeth inside. The mask is made from latex and is by far the scariest costume option on our list. Plus, the minimal effort required for this costume makes it a great last-minute choice.

a red and green demogorgon mask halloween costume on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Party City Steve Harrington Wig Halloween Costume


Go back to how you first felt about Steve Harrington at the very start of season one, and it’s hard to imagine how beloved a character he would become. After being dumped season two, Steve has now found his way into the hearts of fans everywhere, and in this Party City Steve Harrington Wig Halloween Costume, you get to know what that feels like for one night. This replica wig should be combined with a gray Member’s Only jacket, a pair of jeans and a pair of dish washing gloves.

a man wearing a steve harrington wig as a halloween costume on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Party City Dustin T-Shirt for Adults


Dustin may have cultivated a baby Demogorgon, but he’s only human. After all, you can’t get everything right all of the time. And outside this rather ill-advised activity, Dustin is pretty great. In this Party City Stranger Things Dustin T-Shirt for Adults, you’ll have everything you need to begin your transformation into Hawkin’s favorite little rascal. This officially-licensed t-shirt is ideal for combining with a hat and wig for a complete Dustin look.

a man wearing a Dustin from Stranger Things tshirt, hat and wig halloween costume on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Men’s Stranger Things Will Byers Wizard Costume


Not everyone can be a hero. Yet equally as important in any story is the damsel in distress. For the first season of Stranger Things, this void was most definitely filled by Will Byers. With this Men’s Stranger Things Will Byers Wizard Costume, you’ll be able to show off Will’s love for Dungeons and Dragons and look pretty cool yourself at the same time. The outfit includes both the hat and robe, meaning it’s also a versatile option for any time you want to dress up as just a normal wizard, too.

a man wearing a purple wizards halloween costume on a white background Image courtesy of Target


8. Party City Steve Scoops Ahoy Halloween Costume


Surely some of the most memorable outfits from season 3 are Robin and Steve’s Scoops Ahoy work get ups. In this Party City Steve Scoops Ahoy Halloween Costume, you too can work at everyone’s favorite ice cream parlor as this costume includes the shirt, shorts, white apron, “Steve” name tag and an ice cream scoop holder. It’s hard to imagine that this eye-catching Stranger Things costume won’t be one of this year’s most popular.

a man wearing a scoops ahoy halloween costume on a white background Image courtesy of Walmart


9. Spirit Halloween Eleven Costume


As Stranger Thing’s resident superhero, Eleven had to have a place on our list. And even though it’s a ladies costume, Stranger Things fans will certainly be impressed by your knee-high socks, knee-length dress and long blonde locks. In this Spirit Halloween Eleven Stranger Things Replica Costume, the biggest questions you’ll be asking yourself won’t be, “What am I doing?” Or, “why are my knees so cold?” Instead the more pressing matters will be something akin to, “Do I have what it takes to protect my friends from the Upside Down and an impending Demogorgon attack?” We’re betting you do!

a woman wearing a pink dress and socks as an eleven halloween costume on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Halloween Stranger Things Demogorgon Costume


The Demogorgon is so scary, it features twice. The complete Halloween Stranger Things Demogorgon Deluxe Adult Costume provides everything you need to scare the crap out of your friends. It’s attracted to blood, telekinetic and able to move between realities. In short, don’t mess with this scary-ass creature. Because of the Demogorgon’s scary appearance, this full suit is a great option for Halloween parties and other occasions wherein people may not know the character, but easily frightened.

a man wearing a demogrogon from stranger things halloween costume on a white background Image courtesy of Walmart


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