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Streamline Your Pockets With This Investment-Worthy Card Case From Rag & Bone

* Made of high-grade, supple leather
* Features six individual card slots
* Offers discreet quality from a prestigious brand

Your wallet or card case is your longest lasting, most hard working accessory. That’s why it makes a difference to buy something clean, simple and well-made from a noteworthy brand. This one from Rag & Bone offers just that with a premium build and restrained style.

Many high-end designer card cases verge on obnoxious, with big logos or loud designs. This card case, however, stays true to Rag & Bone’s mission to deliver understated style and premium quality from an upscale brand.

The card case is clean and classic in black with minimal design, and features the low-key but recognizable Rag & Bone logo at the bottom. It’s masterfully crafted by Rag & Bone using supple cowhide that will remain durable and look even better after years of wear. It features six card slots, making it big enough for most men’s needs but efficiently small enough to fit comfortably and invisibly in the front pocket of your slacks.

This card case has the prestige and trustworthy quality of a high-end brand, but stands out because it doesn’t brag about it. If you’re in the market for a new card case, or unhappy with your bulky wallet, we highly suggest this one from Rag & Bone.

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