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Champion Breathes New Life Into Its Latest Line of Hoodies

* Reverse weave construction reduces shrinkage in length
* Available in four color-blocked colorways
* Made from a heavyweight 12 oz. cotton fleece

To say that Champion is back would be an understatement. A string of collaborations with streetwear’s elite in 2016 and with more to come this year, the American sportswear manufacturer’s “Life” collection heralds back to its heyday with an infusion of what’s hot today. A key piece in the collection, the Reverse Weave Color Block Pullover Hoodie, exemplifies the new look and feel for the brand.

The brand’s resurgence has been in the works long before the success of its collaborations with the likes of Vetements and Supreme. Collections with Colette, Stussy and BAPE have been ongoing as far back as 2008. Through various other partnerships, and fashion being cyclical, Champion is once again hitting its stride.

Made from a heavyweight 12 oz. cotton fleece, Champion’s reverse weave pullover hoodie was unique for its time when it was first released in 1938 because the cut on the cross-grain helps reduce shrinkage in length after a wash and dry. In 1952, gussets were incorporated into the design along both sides for added mobility. A two-ply hood and bar-tacked pouch pocket for added strength make sure this hoodie won’t be falling apart anytime soon.

Champion’s Life Reverse Weave Color Block Pullover Hoodie comes in four colorways with differing logos to meet any one of your sartorial needs or wants. Be sure to pick one up before Champion gets too mainstream. Again.

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