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Superior Construction Takes These Paul Smith Socks to the Next Level

* Fashioned with a mix of classic dots and stripes
* Tri-blend fabric of cotton, nylon and spandex
* Made in the UK

Fashionable men know the cardinal rule: to judge how well someone is dressed, look down. While that bit of guidance may have originated as an admonishment to always have well-shined shoes, it also applies to socks.

The right pair of socks can set off your professional basics, especially when the color or pattern matches your tie. Case in point: the Stripe & Dot Socks by Paul Smith. With classic dots and two-tone stripes, they are the most stylish thing to meet your feet all year.

It’s not just the visual appeal that makes the Stripe & Dot Socks your new must-have. Tri-blend fabrication of cotton, nylon and spandex maximizes their practicality. Cotton is lightweight and breathable, wicking away moisture to prevent unpleasant odors and athlete’s feet. The addition of nylon and spandex creates a snug fit so that they won’t slide down your ankles throughout the day, plus it makes them extra durable.

Designed with a one-size-fits-most approach, anyone who wears a size 7-12 can comfortably sport these socks. They come in your choice of red, black, or navy, and work with sneakers, boots or more formal shoes. Cuff the ankles to show off just a little bit of pattern for even more modern flair.

Made in the UK, these socks are from Paul Smith, known for his quality and discerning heritage of producing both classic and contemporary menswear pieces.

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