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These Will Replace Your Classic Stan Smiths

* The latest variation of the classic Stan Smith sneaker
* Premium suede construction for a high-end feel
* Unique upgrade will set your sneaker-game apart from the masses

Of all the iconic sneakers, the Stan Smith is arguably the most versatile of them all. What sets the Stan Smith apart from other legendary sneakers such as Jordans or classic Vans is that they elevate almost any outfit – from sweats to suits.

This versatility is why they should be a part of every stylish man’s wardrobe. However, now that the classic variant is part of almost everyone’s wardrobe, stylish men are turning to more exclusive variations. This gray suede version offers the outfit-elevating powers of the originals with a layer of uniqueness that is necessary to rock the Stan Smith in 2017.

These shoes are made of premium suede, with a black leather heel tab and a slightly darker gray rubber sole. The signature Stan Smith logo is stamped on the tongue in black, and the shoes come with gray laces to match the suede.

The construction of the shoe, like the original, is very durable and will hold up after years of wear. In fact, we suggest wearing them in right away as they really look their best slightly beaten up.

As mentioned, these sneakers are truly top-notch when it comes to versatility. But for a great outfit, try them with a light chino and a summer button-up for a look that can go anywhere.

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