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What to Wear: Suede Desert Boots From BOSS Orange

* Classic desert boot styling
* Taupe cow skin suede
* Anti-slip rubber sole and denim sockliner

While the signature Hugo Boss BOSS collection is all about sleek suits, the right tie, and all the other accouterments you need for high-powered weekdays, BOSS Orange has everything else you need when it’s time to go off-duty.

The laid-back wingman to the signature line, BOSS Orange does casual in their typical high-quality, sophisticated style — like the suede desert boot seen here.

Crafted from sueded cow skin, their take on this classic includes considered details like leather edging and a contrasting double sole of leather and non-slip rubber crepe. Logos are kept discreet and to a minimum — there’s just a tag on the tongue and a tab at the heel imprinted with the brand’s name. The shape is an elegant upgrade as well, with a slightly tapered, rounded toe.

Available in neutral taupe or black, they’re a grown-up, cleaned-up alternative to sneakers. Level up your jeans and rumpled khakis with this shoe, or as a “just-right touch” to summer’s more casual suiting options.

And if your work time wheelings and dealings don’t require the formality of starched shirts and a full suit, the suede desert boot delivers exactly enough polish when every day is a casual Friday.

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