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These Vince Loafers Are an Absolute Must-Have For Any Minimalist Wardrobe

* Made with rich suede with a Goatskin leather sole
* Made in Italy
* Piped top line with a low, stacked heel

The menswear style gets a feminine update with these ultra-versatile suede loafers from Vince. The ‘Bray’ Loafers feature a flattering square toe and slip on easily when you want to add a put-together finishing touch to your look in a rush.

 Minimalists will love the way these loafers add a hint of refinement to any outfit, whether heading to the office dressed in business casual or worn with a flirty summer dress. The Bray loafers are available two easy-to-style colors:  smoky, muted gray and matte black. These shoes will become a quick go-to for their convenience and elevated design, so you may want to consider investing in both.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2002, Vince has always imbued contemporary basics like t-shirts, knits, and Japanese denim with their signature clean aesthetic. Initially known for their luxurious knitwear collection, the label has since grown into a full apparel label with footwear and accessories offerings. Made with the same precision and acute attention to detail as Vince’s womenswear collection, the Bray Loafers blend comfort and luxury for a pair of quality shoes. Invest in these premium shoes for the ultimate, everyday shoe that won’t compromise comfort or elegance.

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