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You Can Never go Wrong With a Crisp White Polo

* The latest from one of Drake’s favorite brands
* Stone Island’s Marina line combines heritage looks with modern techniques
* A crisp white polo for any occasion

Not all white polos are created equal. And neither are you. So stand out from the hordes of white polo tees this summer with one from Stone Island’s Marina line.

Stone Island might not be a brand you’ve heard of but you’ve definitely seen celebrities like Drake donning the Italian brand’s pieces (the rapper is pictured below wearing Stone Island at last night’s Billboard Music Awards).

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Started in 1982, Stone Island made a name for itself by using unconventional textiles and equally unique ways of manufacturing. While the brand tends to veer into more military-like designs, the Marina line, including this polo, are based on heritage styles that are manufactured in more modern ways. What that means is all the pieces are dyed, spun and printed using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques.

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The “229XE” as it’s named might appear to be any old cotton white polo, but the contrasting black stripes across the front and back near the hem make this piece really pop. On top of that, the stripes and Marina logo have been overdyed to ensure it retains its pristine look. And it’s spun from a lightweight cotton-jersey with two slits on either side at the hem, so you won’t feel too hot or heavy as the temperature rises.

This is the go-to shirt of summer ’17. Wear it with jeans or shorts, to the office or on vacation. You can’t go wrong.

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