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Cool Coverage: The 10 Best Sunglasses Under $20 to Wear This Winter

* Harmful UV rays and glare can get worse during the winter
* Bulkier, layered outfits call for thick frames to match
* Polarized lenses help with rain and snow glare

Sunglasses are a year-round accessory. Besides adding style points, sunglasses are always worth throwing on because harmful UV rays and glare don’t disappear during the cold seasons. Even on foggy days, UV rays can filter through the clouds, and glare actually gets worse during the winter with rain-soaked streets and snow reflecting sunlight. This can cause serious eye damage and make driving more difficult. Plus sunglasses just make any outfit cooler.

Style-wise, winter sunglasses should differ from lightweight summertime frames, as bulkier, layered outfits call for thick frames to match. It’s also a good idea to buy a pair with polarized lenses that reduce the glare from rain and snow.

And don’t worry – stylish frames with polarized lenses don’t have to cost a fortune. We rounded up 10 of our favorite winter-time sunglasses for under $20, with most featuring polarized lenses and full UV protection.

1. Leico Flat Top Sunglasses


2. ZeroUV Retro Aviator Sunglasses


3. Joopin Semi Rimless Sunglasses


4. SojoS Vintage Cateye Sunglasses

[caption id="attachment_87478" align="aligncenter" width="427"]Half Rim Sunglasses Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


5. A.J. Morgan Castro Sunglasses


6. GAMT Rimless Wayfarer Sunglasses


7. Menton Ezil Round Sunglasses


8. Jim Halo Rimless Sunglasses


9. O2 Eyewear Oversized Sunglasses


10. Duco Oversized Sunglasses

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