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This Bracelet Could Save Your Life

* Nylon cord can be unbraided and used as sling or tourniquet
* Clasp is made from anti-rust aluminum
* Comes in a variety of colors

Kena Kai is introducing a new bracelet that combines both fashion and utility. The ParaCare survival bracelet is made from nine feet of durable nylon cord, that can be unbraided in case of emergency. The lightweight aluminum clasp is also protected against rust, and the cord is thinner than typical nylon, making it less cumbersome yet just as practical.

If you, or one of your friends, is the outdoorsy type, constantly scaling up mountains or hiking up hills, this bracelet is ideal for those who like accessories with a story. The cord can come in handy if you need to tie something, or if you’re in a really sticky situation, it can work as a tourniquet or a sling. The bright colors make you easy to locate too.

Choose between medium or large, and from a wide range of colors including blue, orange and red. It has a simple hook and spring closure, so its easy to take on and off, and the nylon stretches to fit most wrist sizes (the manufacturer recommends a size “medium” for most women and children, and a size “large” for men). If you’re not pleased with your purchase, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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