The 4 Best Sweat-Wicking Skull Caps for Motorcyclists, Bikers and Runners

Nike skullcap model
Courtesy of Nike

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* Thermal and breathable skull caps for athletes
* Made for long jaunts of activity to keep your head both warm and cool
* Beanies from Nike and Under Armour

Skull caps are a necessity for guys with shorter hair or bald heads who like to run, sweat, bike and play hard while maintaining a cool and dry head. They fit snugly over your skull and are made from a variety of materials that are designed to be breathable, lightweight and super comfortable during long hours of wear. Motorcyclists and athletes will love these four designs from reputable athletic brands that provide sweat-wicking features to keep the moisture out of your eyes and wrap your head in comfort throughout a variety of adventures. Incorporate these into your fitness bag for a simple accessory that will benefit your head.

1. Thermal and Moisture-Wicking Beanie

Designed for all four seasons of the year, this lightweight beanie can be worn during colder winter months and warm seasons alike because of its thermal-retention and moisture-wicking design. Wear it under your bike helmet or underneath your winter hat for both insulation and breathable features. Offered in a handful of bright and neutral colors that fit a range of styles and different athletic events.

Thermal and Moisture-Wicking Beanie  Courtesy of Amazon


2. Under Armour Skull Wrap

Under Armour makes excellent fitness gear ensuring us this skull wrap hat is designed for athletes in mind. With its four-way stretch and soft material, it is a perfect fit for runners and bikers throughout the year. The seamlines are designed to eliminate itch and offer comfortability for hours of wear. An added feature is the anti-odor element, so, you don’t have to worry about biking to an event and smelling funky after removing the hat.

Under Armor gray skull wrap Courtesy of Amazon

3. Nike Black Skullcap

This Nike beanie is meant to keep you dry during sweat-inducing activities and with its streamlined design with soft seams, it feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all. For those athletes and bikers who want a simple and lightweight cap for under their hats and helmets, this is an excellent choice.

Nike Black Skullcap  Courtesy of Amazon

4. EVS Sports Sweat Beanie

This super affordable skull cap is made from vented Lycra combined with a terry cloth band around the forehead. This is great for someone who sweats a lot and wants a little breeze on their head for a more comfortable workout. The band is meant to keep the sweat out of your eyes, so whether cruising down the open highway on a Harley or lifting at the gym, this beanie will keep your face dry even during those scorching summer days.

EVS Sports Sweat Beanie black and white Courtesy of Amazon