Anti-Racist Apparel That Supports the BLM Movement With More Than Words

protestor holding i can't breathe sign
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Many brands and influencers try to avoid politics, let alone outright activism. But right now the country isn’t just facing a political crisis, but a battle for basic human rights. If you want to show your solidarity and support for the Black Lives Matter movement, there are a lot of ways to get involved. In addition to attending protests and donating money, you can sign petitions and spread useful information. You can also put your purchasing power where it counts.

Right now, many brands are donating proceeds of their products directly to the Black Lives Matters movements and organizations such as the George Floyd Memorial Fund. Recently, Nike announced a four-year, $40 million commitment to support social justice, education and racial inequality organizations in the United States.

In addition to direct donations, many apparel companies are now creating t-shirts and apparel that support anti-racism efforts in the form of slogans and quotes. And while we encourage you to purchase products that show your support for the BLM movement, it’s also important to move past slogans. There are many ways to get involved directly in your local community. Supporting black-owned businesses is one way to do this, as is volunteering your time and having difficult conversations about privilege and systemic injustice.

Below, you’ll find t-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with words of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Proceeds from all of these products will be used to support the anti-racism movement.


Favored Nations – GAS Long-Sleeve Shirt

Favored Nations is a great nonprofit that makes it easy to donate to organizations that have a direct impact on our world. At checkout, customers can choose a nonprofit, and 100% of proceeds will be donated to that group. Right now, Favored Nations is donating all of its proceeds to anti-racism organizations like Black Lives Matter, The Bail Project, Know Your Rights Camp and the Center for Policing Equity. According to the nonprofit, “we think giving a shit about others should be our chosen path in life. Show that you give a shit with our GAS long-sleeve, made of 100% organic cotton with embroidery front, back and sleeve details.”

clothes that support black lives matter Courtesy of Favored Nation

Mota New York “Don’t Trust Your Government” Tee

This $40 t-shirt is another way to support anti-racism efforts. All proceeds are donated directly to George Floyd’s loved ones. The front has “Don’t Trust Your Government” emblazoned in all caps, while the back features a tribute to George Floyd and the legacy he left behind. It’s a good way to make a statement and pay homage to the revolution that Floyd left behind after his passing. A similar shirt that helps support the Floyd estate reads, “I have more faith in my drug dealer than this government.”

government tee Image courtesy of

Diet Starts Monday – Stop Killing Black People

Diet Starts Monday is a new menswear brand started in Washington, D.C. The apparel company has created a few t-shirts to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and all of the shirts feature simple yet powerful messages. You might think that words like “Stop Killing Black People” would go without saying, and yet… When you purchase one of these shirts, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Reclaim the Block and Act Blue.

diet starts monday stop tee Courtesy of Diet Starts Monday

Shft World X AB Media Group “This Black Life Matters” Tee

This affordable unisex shirt by Shft World is a collaboration with AB Media Group that donates half of their proceeds to the George Floyd Memorial Fund, and the other half to Black Visions Collective. It’s available in plenty of sizes, including onesies for kids, so your whole family can rep it. You can even switch up the pronouns on the shirt from “this” to “his” and “her.” There are more anti-racist slogans on other Shft World shirts that also encourage activism.

this black life matters shirt Image courtesy of Shft World

One Of These Days “Peaceful Revolution” Long-Sleeve Shirt

This stylish long-sleeved shirt reads: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.” It’s a hauntingly timely quote, although the warning words belong to President John F. Kennedy. All proceeds of this graphic shirt are being split between eight organizations: Justice for George Floyd Act Blue, including National Bail Out, The Marshall Project, and Unicorn Riot. On June 7, this brand also created activism posters for use at protests.

peaceful revolution longsleeve shirt Image courtesy of

Checks n Balances, “It’s Time To Wake Up America” Tee

Checks n Balances shows how much they’ve raised with regular time-stamped updates as an awesome motivator to get consumers to contribute. A black tee with an alarm clock font commands us to stop snoozing and wake up as a country. It’s BLM time, and it always has been. Shipping to the US, Canada, and Europe, this cotton tee directs all profits to National Bail Out and Black Lives Matter. There are two more options available, including an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt with George Floyd, and a “By Any Means Necessary” choice with a peace symbol and the word equality. This nonprofit was founded by a diverse group of recent high school graduates who wanted to get involved.

it's time to wake up america tee Image courtesy of

OBEY Clothing – Defend Black Lives

OBEY clothing, the famous streetwear brand founded by graffiti artist Shepard Fairey, has created two rounds of t-shirts supporting the anti-racism movement, and these shirts are selling out fast. As part of the OBEY Awareness Program, profits from these products will be split between Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 relief. There are several designs to choose from, like this bold shirt that declares “DEFEND BLACK LIVES.”

shirts that support black lives matter Courtesy of OBEY

TOMBOGO eRacism Tee

There are many slogan t-shirts available right now, and it’s inspiring to see something that stands out with such a striking context. The graphic is inspired by the famous mural in Oakland, California beneath the 580 freeway, with graffitied BLM mantra. This is a piece of public art that carries the weight of years of injustice and trauma, with the back featuring a long list of names who “Rest in Power”. All profits go to BLM, National Bail Fund and the funeral of Sean Monterrosa, another victim of police brutality.

eracism mural t-shirt Image courtesy TOMBOGO