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If You Travel For Business, This Laptop Bag, Desk, & Cup Holder Will Change Your Life

* Able to accommodate almost any laptop up to 13 inches
* Features two retractable trays with a built-in cup holder
* Work with both right- and left-handed users

If you’ve ever tried to work on a flight, you know the key to staying productive is maximizing your space. Instead of having to wrangle your way through finding a comfortable way to type with one hand while trying to keep your laptop stable with the other, this insanely genius laptop bag offers a smarter, easier and more convenient way to work on the go.

Able to accommodate almost any laptop up to 13 inches, it features two retractable trays with a built-in cup holder. You can use one to store your drinks and the other to house your mouse. Even better, these trays are side-switchable so both left-hand and right-hand users can take advantage of them.

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With a smooth padded fabric, this laptop holder helps prevent your device from overheating. It’s also made with a 100% cotton lining to help keep your laptop safe. Sporting a beautiful and smooth long-lasting suede leather outer build that not only looks great, this laptop bag feels great, too.

Both designed and patented in the U.S., there’s literally nothing else like it. More than just a simple laptop bag, this all-in-one design works as both a portable desk and a cup holder. You could say it’s your go-to travel workstation. Whether you’re flying, on the train or in a car, the TaboLap makes it easier for you to get your work done.