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Keep Yourself Dry and Cozy With the Most Quality Tactical Jackets You Can Buy Online

One thing we know for sure is that winter is far from over. Yeah, we got through the first couple of months, but everybody knows that the worst of winter weather hits from January to March. With brisk temperatures and the potential for chaotic snowstorms looming in our near future, there’s no better time to fight the cold by picking up a tactical jacket for staying warm.

Most might think right now isn’t the time to purchase a new jacket given spring is eventually on its way, but let’s get real — your current puffer jacket ain’t cutting it. Yeah, your best beanies, scarves and winter gloves are keeping you warm, but all are essentially pointless when your jacket isn’t properly doing its job. Tactical jackets are an excellent choice for winter weather because of their specific ability to combat the toughest of weather conditions and overwhelming outdoor activities.

Because they are inspired by military apparel, tactical jackets are also completely functional. They typically contain loads of pockets for keeping valuables and for staying organized no matter where you’re headed. They’re also a solid choice to protect you from rain, snow, sleet and that arctic breeze that’s so cold, it almost feels like it’s burning your skin.

End winter on a high note by getting through the worst of it with something that will actually keep you cozy. Check out the best tactical jackets you can purchase online now that range in a number of different price points and styles.


1. FREE SOLDIER Tactical Jacket


This waterproof tactical jacket from FREE SOLDIER is one to geek over. It has a no-scratch exterior shell that can battle any and all weather-related issues. It has a 100% polyester thermal 8000mm fleece liner to keep you toasty from frigid winds and cold rains. It’s super soft and is even made with a bit of spandex to give you that stretch you crave but can never get from winter coats. With a whopping seven pockets in total, you can keep any and all valuables on your body during hikes, errands or casual walks around the neighborhood.

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2. TACVASEN Tactical Fleece Jacket


Fleece jackets have been a winter-weather staple for your entire livelihood. Who could ever forget that North Face fleece jacket you couldn’t go without every winter during high school? Revamp your old fleece by snagging the most-affordable tactical jacket of your dreams. For just $42, this double-zip jacket will keep you completely warm throughout the rest of the winter. It has a stand-up collar to ensure your neck stays cozy and extra-long sleeves with a thumb hole in case you forget your gloves at home that day.

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3. G-Star Multipocket Soft Shell Jacket


Right now, you can get this multi-pocket soft shell tactical jacket from G-Star for 50% off the original asking price. This jacket is made with 100% recycled polyester that would have otherwise been sent to a landfill to create a fully sustainable piece of clothing instead. It is water-resistant but not waterproof and is complete with ribbed collars and cuffs to keep heat in.

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4. 5.11 Tactical Braxton Jacket


Don’t be fooled, just because this jacket doesn’t feel heavy when on doesn’t mean that it’s not going to keep you toasty. It’s built with a two-way zipper and an internal storm flap that promises to keep wet weather out. Unlike the majority of tactical jackets found online, this one comes with a hood, truly making it an all-weather attacker by instilling a dry head no matter what. As you’d imagine, the Braxton is complete with a slew of pockets throughout the design for all of your valuables.

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5. TACVASEN Special Ops Military Tactical Soft Shell Jacket Coat


Although the tactical jacket in itself is military-inspired, this one from TACVASEN hits a style aspect that feels more badass than any other. The full-black exterior has a low-profile look that sets you apart from other dudes rocking a tactical jacket when hiking, fishing or hunting. It has a drawstring hood and adjustable cuffs to keep you cozy no matter your size and is even surprisingly breathable for the amount of heat it’s able to keep in. By prioritizing a handsome look into its design, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

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6. Lands’ End Custom Logo Outrigger Mesh Lined Jacket


Business owners: do you need a couple of tactical jackets in bulk representing your company’s logo? If so, you’ve come to the right place. These mesh-lined tactical jackets from Lands’ End are a high-quality option for all of your employees to rep. Each jacket is water-resistant and made with breathable mesh lining, so your employees can stay warm and dry all day long. Order as many as you’d like and Lands’ End will place your logo right on it. These jackets will keep your employees looking cohesive and professional no matter what their job entails.

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