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These Taft Two-Tone Leather Jack Boots Are a Steal At $250

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The old saying goes like this: Great quality, inexpensive, and fast — choose two, because you can never get all three. That’s especially true when you’re talking about high-end men’s footwear. If you want something with amazing quality that also looks great, then you had better be ready to break the bank.

But old sayings were made to be disproven, and Taft boots put that one to rest for good. These men’s boots are the real deal: high-end leather crafted by hand in Spain and Portugal. They look sharp and can be at your door in just four to seven business days. Most importantly, they will not break the bank. They won’t even dent it.

Taft launched in 2014 with one simple quest: make stylish, comfortable, high-quality boots for men, make them affordable, and back them up with great customer service. And they’ve been doing it ever since. Check out their official website or their Instagram to pick out the perfect pair of men’s boots for every season. Stock your closet, feast your eyes, and get ready to impress your friends, coworkers, partners, and everyone else you meet.

When you buy from Taft, you’re getting all of the craftsmanship you expect from designer men’s boots without all of the markups that drive competitors’ prices through the roof. You’re paying for the real goods — the leather, rubber, wool, and other quality materials that come together to make these sharp shoes.

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Courtesy of Taft Boots

You’re also paying the people making the shoes: experienced artisans from Spain and Portugal. These are the masters who know how to hand-cut and Blake-stitch boots, using only the finest vegetable-tanned leathers from top European tanneries and mills. It’s a labor of love, and you’ll love how they look, how they feel, and how long they’ll be at the very top of your shoe rotation. And that’s about all you’re paying for.

Check out the hot two-toned Jack boot in gray and brown. Similar men’s boots at a bespoke clothier or luxe men’s store will set you back $500, easily. Buying from Taft? $250. Thanks to their handsome design, these two-tone boots are Taft’s signature product. Plus, they’re just as well designed on the inside. A calfskin inner-lining complements the wool upper, while the sole is made from leather and rubber for enhanced grip, comfort, and longevity. Made with premium materials by genuine artisans, these leather men’s boots are made to stay on your feet for years to come.

Of course, some men are reluctant to buy shoes online without trying them on and walking around in them. Taft knows this, which is why they have a customer-friendly return policy. Free Returns are offered within the contiguous United States on all shoe purchases (unless otherwise noted). Return requests must be made within 14 days of the date you receive your shoes. Exchanges are good within 30 days, provided the returned shoes are in new condition.

Winter is coming up fast, so if you need a new pair of leather boots that are equally ready for the office and Sunday brunch, then Taft’s signature wool and leather jack boots are an excellent find. The best quality men’s boots, made by hand, and to your front door in four to seven days. Taft boots are proof that you can have great quality, great price, and great delivery time after all.

And for those who are based in New York City, Taft just opened up their first-ever retail location in SoHo. Located at 135 Prince St., the flagship store will allow fans and newcomers alike to experience the brand in person and try on their latest and greatest silhouettes.