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TAFT’s Latest Sneaker Is Big and Bold and We Want One in Every Color

Here at SPY, we love a quality sneaker. From random one-off Jordans to wacky Cole Haans, we’re always keen to get our hands on the latest and greatest. We’re also big fans of TAFT, the boutique shoe brand based known for its incredible men’s boots. Something about their boots makes you do a double-take. And it’s not just the quality construction or alluring designs. There’s a clean-cut swagger to them that makes any guy look good.

It should come as no surprise then that TAFT’s take on the sneaker does much the same. They have an impressive range of kicks that feature simple silhouettes with either loud patterns or soft muted hues. But their latest sneaker, the Fifth Avenue, is something different entirely.

Taft Fifth Avenue Sneaker

Available in six sleek colorways, the Fifth Avenues are statement sneaks that you can wear daily. The frame is hefty on these beasts, and thanks to the smooth strip of buttery leather, patent leather or wool to contrast the color of the shoe, that weight gets some extra oomph. This helps draw eyes right to your feet, without needing to rely on patterns that are impossible to pair with. And yet, these are easy to wear regularly. The construction is durable, utilizing leather or wool for the upper to allow your sneaks to stand up to the rigors of the daily grind. The shoe uses a clean design with just enough spunk to make them more than your average pair of everyday shoes, a la Vans Old Skool or Converse Chuck Taylor.

But, the shoe isn’t just a pretty facade. The soles are lavender scented (but, like, actually), the heels boast suede and leather accents and each pair is handmade in Spain. With shoes as clean as these, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but for our tastes, it’s truly tough to top a great white sneaker, especially when that white sneaker has just a lick of honey-colored leather drizzled around its perimeter.

But if it wasn’t the white, who knows? We could easily grab the Navys that combine a wool upper with a leather sash, or perhaps the bold Yellows that flip the Navy material lineup, giving a bright yellow leather upper with a strip of gray wool running around. But regardless of where your tastes stand, you’ll find a bold sneaker worthy of the daily grind in the Fifth Avenues.


The Fifth Ave in White

Taft Fifth Avenue Sneaker


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