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Brooks Brothers’ Red Fleece Collection Offers This Suede Convertible Brief/Messenger Bag

* All the modern conveniences of a messenger bag in a high-end package
* Antique brass hardware used throughout
* The latest from Brooks Brothers’ modern Red Fleece Collection

How you carry your essentials is a matter of choice, sure, but it’s also a statement of your own personal style. Or, maybe it just depends on your mood that day.

Whatever the case, if you don’t already have a convertible briefcase/messenger bag, like this one from Brooks Brothers, you may want to mull this one over. Backpacks, like briefcases or a tote, will all get the job done and so will this tan colored suede hybrid bag.

Founded in 1818 in New York City, Brooks Brothers is not only the oldest men’s clothier in the U.S., but is also regarded as having introduced the American customer to ready-to-wear suits. Other notable innovations introduced to the American market by Brooks Brothers include, but are not limited to, the pink dress shirt, the Madras, argyle socks and the non-iron 100% cotton dress shirt.

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The New York-based clothier has since expanded its offerings from just suits to more casual offerings through its Red Fleece Collection, which the brand says, “mixes classic preppy style with modern sensibility.” In other words, the cuts are slimmer, while attention to detail and quality remain the same.

But the Red Fleece Collection isn’t just duds. This suede convertible comes equipped with a removable and adjustable strap that ranges from 28” to 52,” as well as a leather top handle. The main compartment includes two smaller pockets and a zippered and padded sleeve for your laptop or tablet. Size-wise you’re looking at 10” x 15” x 2.5,” which is the right size for most of your day-to-day commuting needs, making this a perfect bag to add to your rotation.

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