6 Tees We’re Buying From Uniqlo’s New Star Wars Collab

Star Wars Uniqlo t-shirt
Star Wars Uniqlo Nigo-designed t-shirt

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* Star Wars meets the legends of Japanese streetwear
* Unique designs by world famous streetwear artists
* Clearly a passion project by long time Star Wars fans

Uniqlo is famous for cool, thoughtful and artistic collabs and this Master of Graphics Star Wars Uniqlo collection is no exception. Plus, these designer Star Wars t-shirts are still priced in the usual ultra-affordable Uniqlo range. The collection features iconic characters and imagery from Star Wars, as re-envisioned by Japanese streetwear artists Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER, Tetsu Nishiyama of WTAPS fame and UT creative director Nigo. Here are six of our favorite limited edition t-shirts from this Uniqlo x Lucasfilm Star Wars collection.

1. Jun Takahashi Boba Fett T-Shirt

This one shows everyone’s favorite Bounty Hunter from a Galaxy Far, Far Away in the form of an almost lyrical animation style drawing. Fett has never looked so fetching.

Star Wars Boba Fett Tee Courtesy Uniqlo


2. Lizards of Tatooine by Tetsu Nishiyama

Done in a scientific style with text in the format of a programing thread, this Tatooine Lizard shirt is sure to appeal to any would be naturalists of that famed desert planet.

Uniqlo Star Wars Tee Courtesy Uniqlo


3. Star Wars Title by Nigo

We may have all seen “Star Wars,” but we may never have seen the title in this evocative of a font. Nor has Luke Skywalker ever appeared quite so perfectly like a figure in a classic comic book.

Uniqlo Star Wars Nigo Courtesy Uniqlo


4. Ewoks by Jun Takahashi

Here in this glorious, richly detailed image, Star Wars’ beloved Ewoks look like something out of the golden age of animation. It’s as if 1960s Disney did an animated take on Snow White and the Seven… Ewoks? If you’re listening, Disney, this seems like a sure box office success…

Uniqlo Star Wars Ewoks Courtesy Uniqlo


5. Boba Fett Join Us by Tetsu Nishiyama

A comic book-style panel showing the iconic Boba Fett helmet and the caption “You, Join Us,” this is a unique Star Wars shirt as well as a nod to old-style vintage streetwear.

Uniqlo Star Wars tee Courtesy Uniqlo


6. Cantina Scene by Nigo

This t-shirt features a tense moment from the infamous Cantina scene, rendered in journalistic black and white. Remember the internet buzz over who shot first? If so, you’re probably almost as big of a Star Wars nerd as the designer. But can you read the back of this shirt?

Uniqlo Star Wars Greedo shirt Courtesy Uniqlo

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