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Teva Has a New Shoe: Get to Know the Foxy Leather Boot

* Leather ankle boot is a versatile choice to match any casual outfit
* Take your pick from black or golden brown
* Teva isn’t making just sandals anymore

Remember Tevas? The company that made those quirky rubber and Velcro sandals that were mandatory for summer camp and canoeing trips? Well, they’re back. Actually, they never really went away; the venerable brand is just revamping their selection these days, stepping into the season with a new sophisticated leather collection.

We spotted the Foxy Leather ankle boot, a classic style made with thick and gorgeous leather. The wooden heel comfortably lifts your foot so you have a little extra boost, while the insulated leather will suit you well during the cooler winter months. The leather’s also been buffed just so, for a cool, worn-in look.

A metal triangle accent adds a Western flair, looping around the heel strap with Teva’s signature arrow logo. The boot comes with a side zipper closure, and the rubber outsole ensures stability on hills and slippery surfaces.

Just like the Tevas of yesteryear, the Foxy Leather boot’s design promotes stability and support for whatever terrain you’re on. Although the design is more modern and classy than former offerings, Teva says the boot can still do the same trekking as its famous sandal. Wear your Foxy Leather boots on afternoon hikes and picnics in the park, or pair them with jeans and an oversized sweater for the office. They’re easy to clean, easy to wear and prove that even sandal-makers can nail the ankle boot trend with style.

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