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The Best Boots to Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter

You know what you need most when the weather turns sour? When the streets are a cold, slushy mess? When you can’t take three steps without putting your foot in a puddle? Boots. A good, solid pair of boots that will take you from home to the office and then out all night without a care in the world—because winter shouldn’t keep you from living your life.

The hardest-working pair of boots you can buy this winter come from L.L. Bean’s signature collection. Although we associate this classic Maine label with timeless style, we were still surprised to learn their boots have been keeping customers warm, dry, and happy for more than a hundred years. In fact, this epitome of winter footwear was designed by L.L. Bean himself.

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Still sewn one pair at a time in a factory in Maine, this antidote to wet feet is made by expert craftspeople whose skill and passion can be seen in each luxurious detail. Made from the highest quality materials, this 8” boot offers some serious comfort thanks to the full-grain leather. The steel shank adds support and a uniquely shaped foot form offers stability. Oh, and if you haven’t connected the dots by now, they’re waterproof. Because warm, dry feet never go out of style.

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