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The Best Jeans To Wear To The Office (and How to Wear Them)

* Jeans are a new office attire staple
* The right jeans for the job — and how to wear them
* Jeans for interviews, casual Fridays, drinks after-hours, and more

Office attire is evolving. The casual uniform pioneered by tech industry giants has now made its way to just about every office, and we think it’s worth getting excited about. We can now be more comfortable at work, and we have more options when getting dressed in the morning.

One of the biggest changes in office attire is the rise of jeans. Jeans have not only become acceptable in offices, but in many, they’re the new norm. Of course, not just any jeans will fly in an office. Plus, the right pair can differ depending on what you’re doing (i.e. going for an interview versus casual Friday). To help navigate the new rules of office attire, here’s what jeans you should wear for different activities, and how to style them.

For a Job Interview

Jeans at a job interview can be very impactful… or they can be a deal-breaker. The right pair will show that you’re capable of keeping up with trends, as a suit can feel stuffy in 2018. We recommend crisp, premium jeans like the pair below from Naked & Famous. Their sleek style and modern fit make them look great with crisp button-ups (blue or white is best), and a statement-making jacket.

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Image courtesy of East Dane


For After Work Drinks

When you hit the local bar with co-workers, you’ll want jeans that are a little more casual and interesting. These corduroy jeans are great because they’re unique and fun, but still pulled together. Try them with your regular button-ups and boots or fresh sneakers for a great after-hours look.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom


For a Presentation

If you have a presentation at work, you want the focus to be on what you’re saying (not you’re clothes). That said, you should still look good for credibility’s sake. Clean gray jeans are a great idea because they’re subtle, grown-up and versatile.

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Image courtesy of H&M


For a Meeting With the Boss or Client

When you need to dress to impress the boss or a client, you’ll want a nice pair of jeans. These A.P.C.s are ideal because they’re more casual than black jeans but still have a very high-end feel. Try them with a nice sweater and dress shoes or boots for maximum effect.

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Image courtesy of East Dane


For casual Friday

Casual Friday does have its limits. Rips and crazy fits are great, but save them for the weekend. Something classic, tasteful, and versatile like these blue Levi’s is a good idea because you’ll look and feel casual, but are still ready for work. Pair them with a good tee and modern sneakers for a bulletproof casual Friday outfit.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


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