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The Head Turning Slim Timber Men’s Wood Bow Tie – A Party Stopping Wardrobe Addition

* Crafted from real mahogany wood
* Elastic band and metal clasp make it easy to wear
* Slim and elegant design

If you are looking for a stand-out element for your upcoming dinner date, look no further than the Slim Timber Men’s Wood Bow Tie. With its individual and classy look, this beautiful wooden bow tie will be the source of endless compliments and enquiries as to where you found such a show-stealing gem.

Long gone are the days of having to fiddle around with tying bow ties. The easy-to-use elastic band and metal clasp are fully adjustable, allowing the Slim Timber bow tie to fit all neck sizes comfortably. The black elastic remains hidden beneath your collar. This elegant design works seamlessly with any combination be it a full suit or business casual attire, creating a great look for any occasion.

Each tie is crafted from a single piece of real mahogany and made to look like any other bow tie. Where competitors products are made from a single black veneer, every Slim Timber tie possesses its very own unique wood grain look. This means no one else in the world will have a tie that’s identical to yours.

Not only eye-catching to look at, the wood bow tie is light and wear resistant, providing a sound investment for your money.

A great addition to any collection, the Slim Timber Men’s Wood Bow Tie is the perfect gift to yourself or a surprise for someone special.

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