We’re Devastated ThinkGeek.com is Closing, but At Least we Grabbed These Amazing Deals

ThinkGeek Closing Sale
Courtesy of ThinkGeek

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ThinkGeek.com, the provider of all sorts of wacky, nerdy gifts, is closing its online site. Since 1999, ThinkGeek has remained a resource for every wannabe wizard, Marvel maven and Star Wars superfan. Though the business isn’t fully closing for good, ThinkGeek is “moving in with their parent company,” Gamestop, wherein they will continue to sell a limited selection of products. However, their physical stores (of which there are around 40) will continue to operate for the time being.

While the nerd in all of us is heartbroken knowing we’ll never again be able to troll ThinkGeek.com, there is one small silver lining. Until the site goes down for good, everything is 50% off.

Yes, you read that right. Everything must go, as they say, and so ThinkGeek is taking 50% off its entire inventory in an effort to move product. If there was ever a time to pick up a useless, but hilarious gift or trinket from your favorite fantasy brand, it’s now! Use promo code: MOVINGDAY at checkout to claim your steal of a deal. Note: Sale will apply at checkout.

Here are our favorites, but these are by no means the only pieces worth your time and money. Like the Forbidden Forest, who can truly say what lurks in the depths ThinkGeek.com. Take a look at our selection and feel free to peruse the deepest parts of the site at your leisure. You never know what golden items may await within.

1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Slippers

Harry Potter Hogwarts Slippers Courtesy of ThinkGeek

These black, polyester Hogwarts slippers are a worthy addition to any Harry Potter fan’s closet. Comfy, nerdy, and understated, these non-slip slippers show off your pride in the greatest wizarding school the world has ever seen, without making any declarations of which house you’d belong in.

Cruise the halls of the castle, or your home, knowing that any friend or foe you meet along the way will understand your undying passion for all things Harry Potter. Be you Slyterhin or be you Gryffindor, you can’t help but love these crested, Hogwarts Slippers.


2. Captain America 3pc BBQ Tool Set

Captain America BBQ Tool Set Courtesy of ThinkGeek

What’s better than Marvel merchandise? Useful Marvel merchandise. Hence the reason we love this 3-piece Captain America BBQ Tool Set. Not only will this tool set show your love an appreciate for Stan Lee, the Marvel Universe and the Captain himself, but it’s actually useful. Your Deadpool All-Over-Print Button Down may look cool, but what can it do other than cover your back? Exactly. With Captain America’s BBQ Tool Set, you can flip burgers with the best of them.

The tool set includes one spatula with the Captain’s iconic shield (and a bonus bottle opener on the handle), one grilling fork (which also includes a bottle opener) and one set of long tongs. This summer, let your friends bring the burgers while you take care of the tools. And hey, with just a little over a week until 4th of July, what’s a better way to show your American pride than with a set of these BBQ tools?


3. Pokémon Poké Ball Waffle Maker

Pokemon Poke ball Waffle Maker Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Catching them all is no easy feat, especially on an empty stomach. Which is why, we find this Poké Ball Waffle Maker a must-have for any and every Pokémon trainer out there.

Comprised of a BPA-free housing and aluminum casting, these non-stick plates cook up some tasty 7” Poké Ball shaped waffles that anyone can enjoy. As a pro-tip, ThinkGeek recommends using red and white food dye on the top and bottom halves respectively to make your waffle look, but not taste, like a Poke Ball.


4. Nintendo Pipe Mug

Nintendo Mario Pipe Mug Cup Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Take a sip from this Mario-themed Pipe Mug and warp back to past days of doing nothing but playing Mario on Super Nintendo. Styled after the now iconic 16-bit warp pipes from Mario’s early days, this dishwasher safe mug will tell everyone at your office you’re not afraid to risk your neck and save the princess. At least, once you’ve had your coffee.

Constructed of a sturdy ceramic material, this 15 oz cup will hold more than enough liquid of your choice, to help you battle any foes that cross your path.


5. Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Kettle

Darth Vader Teapot Courtesy of ThinkGeek

If you find yourself constantly waking up on the Dark Side of the bed, perhaps it’s time you brew yourself something good with this Dark Vader Helmet Kettle. The 80% aluminum and 20% Stainless Steel construction allows this kettle to heat up quickly and boil water in a snap so you can get right to ruling the galaxy.

Aside from having the hilarious shape of Darth Vader’s helmet, the teapot also features a lightsaber for a handle. After all, how are you supposed to conquer either side of the force without a hot cup of tea and the Jedi’s most trusted weapon?