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This Bracelet is Your New Vice

* Sterling silver bracelet
* Unique handcuff design with hinge closure
* Made in Los Angeles

We’ve got our eye on the stunning jewelry collection that was created to make artifacts out of vices.

Inspired by the wreckage of substance abuse (and the beauty of overcoming it), Cast of Vices delivers an unapologetic edge, crafting jewelry that communicates stories of struggle and survival. Designers Jay LeCompte and Christopher Glancy have a cult (pun intended) following for their daringly vivid pieces, and have redefined self expression through ultra-luxe materials in unsuspecting silhouettes.

The Handcuff Rhodium Bracelet is their signature piece and one of the most thought-provoking accessories we’ve seen. Sleek sterling silver creates a detailed replica of an actual handcuff, complete with etched edges, a hinged center and screw accents at the base. The brand plaque is subtle at the side, keeping all eyes on that interesting shape.

Lazy loaded image

The evolution of the edgy-glam trend is continuously inspired by punk, rebellion and counterculture. We love that the collection represents hope while maintaining a sense of danger. This piece is equally provocative with streetwear as it is with an evening ensemble, in a demure and mysterious gender-neutral design that’s sure to turn heads.

Designed and crafted in L.A., the Cast of Vices Handcuff Rhodium Bracelet is the piece we’ve been craving, because it combines a dark element of confinement with the boundless glamour of sterling silver.  The contradiction delivers a chic statement and creates a social discussion through the significance of each piece and every personal experience. This bracelet is sure to be your new vice.

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