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Thursday Boot Company Debuts Limited-Edition Casa Moto Boots, and We’re Obsessed

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Here’s something to get excited about: the co-founder of our favorite tequila company has teamed up with our favorite boot company (of the moment) to create a new leather boot for men. On January 14, Thursday Boot Company released its new Casa Moto leather racing boot, designed in collaboration with Rande Gerber, co-founder of Casamigos Tequila.

SPY recently named Thursday’s Legend Chelsea Boots one of the best men’s products of 2020, and we’ve consistently rated Casamigos as one of the world’s best tequila brands. This limited-edition collaboration is available now at the Thursday Boot Company online store, and like other products from the brand, they are affordably priced at $235.

The Casa Moto boots come in black or brown leather and feature a Goodyear welt, a type of shoe construction that makes these boots more waterproof and durable. (In theory, Goodyear-welted leather boots can last a lifetime with the right maintenance.) The modern racing-style boots are made with a handsome distressed leather, the kind that becomes more attractive with age and a little wear-and-tear. In addition, and there’s no other way to say this, these boots are sexy. And, by that, we mean that you’ll feel sexy when you wear them.

Thursday Boot Company sent SPY a sample of the new Casa Moto boots ahead of the January 14 release. The boots are an excellent reminder of why we’re such big fans of this footwear brand. These leather men’s boots have that classic “new boot smell” that clotheshorses are sure to appreciate. We know that not all men like boots with a side zipper, but we’re fans of this feature.

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In terms of fit, they are on the thin side, but we expect them to loosen up once they’re broken in. That being said, men with extra-wide feet might struggle with these boots. Thursday suggests ordering a half-size smaller than your sneakers, but we think that would be unwise for men with wider feet. SPY’s managing editor Tim Werth wears a size 10.5 and 11 in sneakers depending on the brand, but the size 11 Casa Moto boots provided a snug fit.

A few other notable features:

  • Hand-finished leather upper
  • Antimicrobial, shock-absorbing insoles
  • “Army Track” lug rubber outsoles
  • Durable Kevlar shoelaces
  • Cork-bed midsoles
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Courtesy of Thursday Boot Company
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Thursday Boot Company

Gerber founded Casamigos along with pal George Clooney, but unlike most celebrity liquors, the brand absolutely deserves its top-shelf status. In addition, Gerber is an investor in Thursday Boot Company.

“One day Rande mentioned to me that he thought it would be awesome if we tried to make ‘something the guys from the Rolling Stones would wear’ — a little more distressed, taller and with a zipper,” said Nolan Walsh, co-founder, CEO and creative director at Thursday Booot Company, in a product announcement email. “Given Rande is actually friends with the guys from the Rolling Stones, co-founder of Casamigos Tequila with George Clooney, husband to Cindy Crawford, and a Thursday Boot Company investor… we take his style advice seriously!

“One sample led to ~50 samples, and almost 1 year later we are excited to launch our collaboration! Nearly every component, from the upper to the outsole, is a new custom development.”

With a solid construction, comfortable fit and more-than-reasonable price tag, you have the first notable men’s boot of 2021. Because this is a limited-edition release, the shoes are only available while supplies last.

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Courtesy of Thursday Boot Company