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We’re Obsessed: Thursday Boot Co. Just Launched Their First Line of Cowboy Boots

Chelsea, combat, chukka. All boot styles that Thursday Boot Company has introduced to the boot market at a ridiculously inexpensive price point. In doing so, they have certainly developed a reputation for themselves. It’s no hidden fact our SPY team absolutely raves over their existing product line, which is known for its intricate craftsmanship, modern styling and somehow, affordability. And now, we’re even more thrilled the NYC-based company has increased their offerings with a new style: cowboy boots.

We’ve been waiting patiently to publish this one. After previewing Thursday’s new western line recently in New York City, we’re excited to announce the official launch. The company’s first cowboy boot collection includes three different styles, with options for both men and women.

Thursday Boot Company makes some of the best boots for men, and now they might just make some of the best boots for cowboys.

On Thursday, October 13, the direct-to-consumer brand launched “The Western Collection” featuring their first cowboy boot (notice that the brand tends to release new styles on Thursday — very clever). The new boots are handcrafted with Goodyear welt and come in three styles: The Desperado, The Maverick and The Frontier.

The Desperado is a rugged and resilient boot. The Frontier is the classic roper boot. And the Maverick is the more refined, modern cowboy boot. Each grouping is timeless, designed with sophisticated detail and built for longevity.

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Courtesy of Thursday Boot Company

Every boot enthusiast can attest that having a stylish cowboy boot can add much versatility to a wardrobe. As Thursday continues to make their presence known in the footwear industry, they’ve answered the recent call for a modern take on an old, relatively unchanged, classic.

“Cowboy Boots have been our most requested new product from customers for the last two years,” said Nolan Walsh, co-founder of Thursday, to SPY.

”I had never worn cowboy boots until 18 months ago. While a lot of our products come from my desire to create a specific project, another member of our team, Tony Thomas, was the inspiration behind the collection. I’m really proud of the teamwork and passion that went into the boots,” Walsh said.

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Courtesy of Thursday Boot Collection

Recently, we’ve seen western wear come back into the mainstream, whether it’s the Yeehaw-inspired fashion of Jordan Peele’s “Nope” or the cowboy boots and boot-cut jeans that have become ubiquitous.

Although the founders never intended to add cowboy boots to the bunch, they couldn’t be more satisfied with their newest additions. “While I can’t take much credit for the development, I couldn’t be prouder of the entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and pursuit of perfection they represent,” Walsh said. While Thursday Boot Company is based in the Big Apple, most of their production takes place in León Guanajuato, Mexico.

Ranging between $235-$250, you can purchase them online today from their website.

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Courtesy of Thursday Boot Company

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