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The Tie Bar Helps You Tie One On In Style

* Three-piece silk tie set includes pocket square and clip
* Stylish, Swiss-dot design on tie
* Pocket square edging matches tie

As the weather warms and the season changes, many people are preparing for new paths. May has just arrived and that means graduations and weddings are about to ramp up in style. Want to help them along the way as they tackle new challenges and roads in life? Help them do it in style with this formal tie set from The Tie Bar. 

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The Tie Bar is known for its smart, stylish take on the classic tie. This tie set is no exception. It comes with a silk Swiss-dot tie, a brushed tie clip and a linen pocket square. The pocket square is stylishly offset with edging that matches the Swiss-dot pattern of the tie. 

This set makes for a nice gift for any senior wanting to look his best for graduation. Or, perhaps it’s for you as you get ready to celebrate a friend’s wedding, and you want to look fit for the dance floor when the Electric Slide starts. Whatever it may be, this tie set will help anyone stylishly stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

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