Pièce de Résistance: The Intrecciato Leather Tie Case From Bottega Veneta

tie case

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* Prevents creased ties during travel
* Crafted from soft leather
* Made in Italy

When you’re travelling for business, you’ve already got enough to worry about, from setting your meeting agendas and selling to clients, to accommodating jet lag. The last thing you should add to the list is steaming your professional wardrobe.

Alas, most men are left unprepared when packing their ties. The result is often a gnarly crease smack dab in the center of a high-end silk tie. Needless to say, a creased tie makes you look disheveled and unprepared, both big no-no’s in the business world.

Bottega Veneta Tie Case

Rather than risk it, add Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato Leather Tie Case to your travel gear. Crafted from soft leather using BV’s signature intrecciato weaving technique, it’s fully lined in canvas and outfittted with snap-fastening straps to make sure that even the thinnest of ties will stay in place during your journey.

It measures only 16 x 43 cm, so it takes up minimal space in your checked bag, and is even small enough to stash in your carry-on. It even comes with a dust bag to protect the leather when not in use.

Add Bottega Veneta’s leather tie case to your travel gear today to make sure a creased tie won’t ruin your next business trip.

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