These Amazing Tie Dye Socks are Fashionably Groovy

Anonymous Ism Tie Dye Socks

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* Top quality weaving with fun style
* They’re super soft and wear like a dream
* Cult brand Anonymous Ism pushes fashion boundaries again

It’s 2017, and tie dye isn’t just for the groovy or the grateful anymore. It has bona fide fashion flair. Now, legit designers are incorporating it in new ways. One such design powerhouse is Japan’s Anonymous Ism. And, they’re back with these bold and beautiful Tie Dye Quarter Socks.

The vibrant mix of pastel hues is a treat for the feet and eyes. And, they don’t just go with hippie-wear. The range of colors allows them to tie in with a wide variety of outfits. They’re so comfortable to wear, you’ll find yourself never wanting to take them off. They’ll be the sock version of your perfect, every day, go-to jeans. A staple of your wardrobe.

These socks feature a high-quality cotton blend that stays soft against your skin, never itchy. And, the ace weaving holds firm but flexes with every movement of your feet. Now, that’s groovy!

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