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Thanks to These Tie Magnets, You Won’t Have to Bug Your Wife to Help With Your Tie

* Clever, hidden magnetic tie holders
* Keeps your tie from taking a dip
* Clean, crease-free look

Looking for a better way to hold your tie in place? Something better to keep from having that “flapping in the breeze” look? Well, if you’re tired of relying on pokey push pins, clips that make you look un-self-sufficient and/or asking your wife to fix it for you every five minutes, check out these nifty tie magnets.

Thanks to these “Tie Mags,” you can keep your tie in place by using… the force. Of magnetism that is. Because it’s a lot easier to focus on your magnetic personality when your necktie isn’t askew, threatening to slap you in the face with the slightest bit of wind, or constantly dipping in your coffee or your Riesling.

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Courtesy The Grommet

Found on The Grommet, these “Tie Mags,” as they’re called come in a variety of attractive styles. Some are designed to be worn visibly outside the tie, and have a look that’s reserved and classy yet distinctive, like good cufflinks. The neatest option, however, may be the “Covert” style. This tie magnet goes behind the label of your tie, and doesn’t interrupt the lines or add creases like clips do. It just firmly holds the tie in place. The Tie Mags are rather strong neodymium magnets, so be careful with them around electronics (I.e. don’t use if you have a pacemaker).

For a neat and tidy look that helps you look put together when you’re dressing up, these Tie Mags are a great hack to keep in your drawer and closet.

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