Every Man Needs a Classic Timepiece

Timex Weekender Men’s Watch
Image courtesy Need Supply Co.

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* Signature military-inspired Timex style
* 38mm case width for a proper fit with all wrist sizes
* Unbeatable value and price-point

In the age of smartphones, people often dismiss watches because, “you can just check your phone.” Chances are, these people have never owned a great watch, because watches are more than just a clock on your wrist. A great watch is important, not only stylistically, but also somewhat figuratively. For those who understand this, and those who want to find out, we highly suggest this Timex Weekender.

As far as value goes, the Weekender is unbeatable. The watch features a cream colored dial, a silver-toned brass case, and a minimal brown leather slip-through strap. This gives the watch a balanced look that’s not too rugged and not too formal; an in-between look that’s very on trend right now.

It features a 3 hand movement, and both basic and military hour markers in small black print. And with a 38mm case width, it will fit almost any wrist without looking too bulky or too feminine. The materials and the craftsmanship are worthy of a watch three to four times the price, but as usual, Timex defies the watch world’s crazy mark-ups.

Timex Weekender Men’s Watch Image courtesy of Need Supply Co.

Timex, one of the most well-known and respected American watchmakers around, has been making simple, high-quality watches since 1854. Originally founded as the Waterbury Clock Company, this early iteration of Timex developed one of the first wristwatches for soldiers in WW1. Many of their watches today, the Weekender included, still have a touch of that definitive military style.

Although this watch can be worn with anything, we suggest a classic outfit to match, such as blue jeans and a white T-shirt, for a truly timeless weekend look.

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