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Todd Snyder Released Their First Brand-Owned Swimwear Just in Time for Summer 2022

Todd Snyder has it all. T-shirts, shorts, jeans, suits, accessories, shoes — just about any article of clothing you can think of. Except for one thing and one thing only: brand-owned swimwear.

But today, March 21, that’s finally changed.

Todd Snyder is finally getting their toes wet in the world of swimwear with their first official release of modern men’s swim trunks perfect for rocking all summer long.

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Courtesy of Todd Snyder

The swim trunk in question is named “The Montauk”, which is based around the brand’s best-selling Weekend Short. These swim shorts take notes from traditional men’s swimwear trends by incorporating that classic elastic waist and a mesh liner to keep your jimmies in place. In addition, you can expect each pair to have two side pockets, a self-draining velcro back pocket and a key holder for safekeeping.

These aren’t just any swim trunks either, these are short swim trunks. Which, officially, are the coolest swim trunks to own in 2022. Anything longer than a 5-inch inseam is a fat no from us.

“The decision to move into our own swimwear was an easy one after seeing the incredible demand for it at our East Hampton store and with swim collaborations with other brands over the years,” says the brand in a press release regarding the new drop. “We want the brand to be a one-stop shop for the modern gentleman, so that when they come in to buy our famous Seasoft Linen shirting or sweater polos, they can now see swimwear they know they’ll immediately love.”

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Courtesy of Todd Snyder

With this initial drop, buyers can expect 12 colors and patterns in total, ranging from rather eclectic to relatively low-key. Prices are currently available from $118 to $128, which isn’t the most affordable for the modern man, but well worth it when it comes to Todd Snyder.

This move to the swim space is one of the smartest in the brand’s recent releases, and to be honest, it’s about time.

Ready to up your summer swimwear style? Check out all of Todd Snyder’s new swimwear options below.