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Tod’s Striped Loafer Is the Refined, Summer-Ready Antidote to Sneakers

* Add a cheerful pop of color to your summer look
* Fabric shoe lined in leather with a rubber sole
* Made in Italy

Tod’s is known for many things: unparalleled craftsmanship, exquisite quality, timeless design… the list of superlatives could fill the space of this post. But despite the seriousness of being a top Italian luxury-goods house, a sense of light-hearted play hasn’t been lost on them. For proof, just take a look at these cheery candy-striped loafers.


It’s the shoe every summer wardrobe needs. Light on the feet in pale teal and white striped fabric, they’re a refined departure from flip-flops and sneakers, yet every bit as comfortable. A supple leather lining gives this shoe structure, while maintaining the softness of a slipper, and the rubber sole makes this a gracefully pragmatic choice where stilettos are trouble. If sinking into the lawn during an afternoon of polo-watching or skidding on the deck of a yacht during sunset cocktails are the stuff your nightmares are made of, then Tod’s striped loafer should relieve those fears.

The slim, rounded toe is an elegant answer to the clunky sandal styles of late, and a great warm-weather foil if it’s been awhile since that last pedicure.

While simplicity and artisanal construction will always be the calling card of Tod’s, don’t bet for a moment that it just means shoes for the stuffy and staid. Contrariamente, it just means cute shoes like these can be way more luxurious than you ever thought.

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