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Keep Warm While You Scroll With Touch Gloves by MoMA Design

* Touchscreen-friendly
* Design by Fumio Haishima
* Cozy wool blend knit

We’ve all been there: waiting for a Lyft or a train in the freezing cold, just wanting to reload a page on our smartphones to pass the time, risking frostbite every time we “like” or “share” something on Instagram. Previous generation “touchscreen friendly” gloves have often been a little too techy or sporty to be our go-to for everyday use. They tended to have a kind of Matrix early-2000s hacker vibe rather than a more sophisticated modern look.

That all changes thanks to these warm, knit gloves designed by Fumio Haishima. You can now scroll with your gloves on in the cold outdoors without looking like you took the red pill.

Available in a cozy nylon, acrylic and wool blend, the snug fitting MoMA Touch Gloves are the perfect accessory for travelers looking to keep up with their mobile devices during the colder months. “Evolg” tech in the fingers and thumbs allows seamless operation of touch screens, while the outer shell keeps out the elements and keeps your fingers nice and warm.

Thanks to their clean design and slim profile, the MoMA Design Touch Gloves by Fumio Haishima stand out as a truly versatile accessory; they pair well with casual jackets, pea coats and knit sweaters. And they don’t look out-of-place with a suit jacket or sport coat.

Specially designed for the Museum of Modern Art, they’re the perfect blend of form, function and fashion. Now that’s something to Tweet home about.

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