Trapper Hats Have Been a Winter Essential For Centuries. Here Are 6 To Try This Year

trapper hats best with ear flaps
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* Trapper hats take their famous style from the Russian Ushanka hat
* They are ideal for winter as they can cover your head, ears, cheeks and throat
* These 6 trappers will keep you stylish and your head warm

You almost certainly know what a trapper hat is, even if you don’t know it by name or have an idea where it originated. These cold-weather hats are famous across the globe for their instantly recognizable fury appearance and dopey-looking side flaps. Those ear flaps are great for protecting your ears, cheeks and throat in the cold or can be tied up, out the way when not needed.

The history of trapper hats goes way back, beyond what you may imagine and beyond the European discovery of North America, too. The exact origin of a hat called a ‘trapper’ is hard to pinpoint, but this style has been worn across Asia and Central Europe for centuries. And, whether you think they are completely different, exactly the same or somewhere in the middle, trappers bare a striking resemblance to the Russian Ushanka hat, which is almost certainly where inspiration for the North American version came from.

The Ushanka hat, which is still worn by many Russians, is perhaps most associated with the KGB and Russian Military. However, the North American trapper hat is most associated with the fur trappers on the American and Canadian frontier. Use by trappers is, of course, where the name of this hat style comes from. Today, trapper hats have become more of a fashion item for both men and women than an outdoorsman accessory, and they are widely regarded as an excellent way to keep your head warm.

Here are 6 trapper hats to make sure you look fashionable and stay warm this winter.

1. Obermeyer Trapper Knit Hat

Available in the color choices of herringbone and grey matter, this Obermeyer Trapper Knit Hat will keep the cold at bay. The faux-fur lining and brim ensure a comfortable fit while the fold-over earflaps sport a snap-button closure to save you the hassle of tying the ear flap straps. You can also choose to wear the straps up or down, depending on the weather and your feelings at the time.

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2. Columbia Winter Challenger Trapper

The Columbia Winter Challenger Trapper is available in 4 different colors, allowing you to choose the one that matches your favorite winter coat. This hat also sports a faux rabbit fur lining, which covers the inside of the hat all the way to the ear covers and provides a comfortable wearing experience. For harsher weather conditions, you’ll find the hat’s covered in a waterproof yet breathable membrane to keep water and stains at bay. The chin strap is also adjustable to allow for a secure fit.

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3. San Diego Hat Company Heathered Reversible Trapper

The San Diego Hat Company Trapper is a reversible option that sports an adjustable chin buckle to provide a cozy fit for the wearer. The faux fur lining and sizable ear flaps ensure this winter hat is ready for any snow day or polar vortex that may come along. In addition, the hat also boasts an easy-to-use buckle for wearing the flaps up on the milder days.

trapper hats fur san diego company Image courtesy of Zappos


4. Outdoor Research Frostline Hat

With it’s slimmer look and lightweight fleece lining, the Outdoor Research Frostline Hat looks and feels like an advanced trapper hat option. It’s built for the coldest of conditions to the point that it even includes a built-in, hidden face mask for when things get really wintery. You’ll also find this hat has a water-resistant shell that remains breathable for maximum comfort. There’s also an outer drawcord adjustment for a snug fit.

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5. Pendleton Trapper Hat

This Pendleton Trapper Hat is ideal for anyone looking to beat the cold and look great doing so. It includes many aspects of a classic aviator hat along with key trapper aspects for a versatile hat that can be worn in mild or sub-freezing temps. The bright color makes it hard to miss, and the faux-fur lining provides comfort on top. The ear flaps complete the hat with an adjustable buckle across the chin.

trapper hats plaid pendleton Image courtesy of Zappos


6. Filson Double Mackinaw Cap

Maybe you’ve been to Mackinaw, but chances are you haven’t. You may not even know where it is. That doesn’t mean you can’t rock the Filson Double Mackinaw Cap. The name of this trapper hat actually comes from the material used to make it. Mackinaw cloth is a heavy-duty material used originally on the Canadian frontier and by Midwest loggers. Now it will keep you warm in this original hat with ear flaps.

trapper hats plaid filson Image courtesy of Zappos


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