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Travel The World and Always Know What Time It Is

* Check the time in 48 cities in 31 time zones
* Battery life rated up to 3 years
* Water resistant up to 10 meters

When mobile phones first became popular, they said it would destroy the watch industry. It didn’t. Some years later when smartphones emerged, they said the watch industry was doomed. Yet again, they were wrong. And then, when smartwatches hit the scene a few years ago, it was supposed to be the death knell. That also turned out not to be true.

Point being, that watches in the more traditional sense will never go the way of the dodo. While the likes of Apple and Google try and figure out how to make a smartwatch seem appealing to the masses, there’s something incredibly attractive about Casio’s World Time Stainless Steel Watch.

Maybe it’s the retro looks or maybe it’s the simplicity of what a watch is meant to do, which is to relay the time to the wearer with zero fuss. Yes, you can do all these things on your smartphone but that requires some effort, like taking it out of whatever bag or pocket it is, then turning the screen on to check the time. Casio’s digital alternative presents all that information to you in an unobtrusive manner.

While it won’t allow you to respond to text messages, the World Time lets you set up to four different viewable time zones from 31 time zones and 48 cities. There’s even a stopwatch, countdown timer, five daily alarms and a calendar that goes till 2099. Best of all: you get all this for less than the price of dinner.

Give it a go on your next adventure and we think you’ll see why it’s worth having around.

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